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Best Trucking Company

Best Trucking Company

You want to choose the best trucking company possible to ship your products or equipment to its destination. It should not matter what that destination is – a good shipping company should be able to handle any load to any destination. Whether that is within the USA or half-way round the world is immaterial; you want it shipped safely and on time.

This is where Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) excels. We are renowned, not only for our reliability and flexibility in accommodating your load, but also in our record of delivering safely when we say we will. One of the aspects of choosing a reliable shipping and trucking company is to check out its history.

ATS has been trucking and shipping loads from the very heaviest machinery to the most sensitive scientific equipment for over 60 years, and our customers keep coming back to us. That is one of the best ways of checking the reliability of any trucking service – repeat orders, and here at ATS we have no issues in that respect – because we do not let people down! Ask around, and you will find that to be the case.

ATS Versatility – Any Cargo and Any Vehicle

A very important aspect of the service offered by any trucking company is its versatility. You do not want to be dealing with a number of different companies for each aspect of your load or cargo. Anderson Trucking Service Inc. offers exactly the type of truck of van you need. You have no need to contact different companies for a flatbed, pad wrap, dry van or heavy haul trucking services – we can offer them all.

Not only that, but we can advise you of the best type of vehicle for your load. Whether you have a heavy industrial boiler or jet engine to deliver or a sensitive scientific instrument, we will be able to suggest the best method of transportation and then provide that for you. Whether that is from New York to New Jersey or Philadelphia to Japan, ATS can look after the entire delivery for you – door-to-door or port-to-port.

We have a fleet of over 2,300 trucks and 4,500 trailers, including crane vans that can load to and from ground level, even if you have no dock. That’s why we are the best, and why our clients tend never to use another haulage or trucking company once they have used us. However, there is another reason why we are the best – our drivers.

The Best Drivers for the Best Trucking Company

We have a very low turnover of drivers, so you can be sure that your cargo is being handled and transported by experienced and skillful drivers. It’s often said that the security and safety of a load is only as secure as its drivers – and our drivers are among the most skilled and trusted you will find. Many have logged over a million of miles for ATS – some even 2-3 million without any accidents.

Our drivers and versatility are not the only reasons why ATS is the best trucking company. Our LME (LoadMaster Enterprise) dispatch system enables us to manage your load with the highest levels of professionalism. That includes keeping track of your load anywhere, and enabling you to find out where you cargo is at any specific period in time.

This is just one of the reasons why Anderson Trucking Service is the first choice for firms that need to know that their freight, regardless of size or complexity be delivered safely on time. That’s what we at ATS do – deliver safely on time, and is why our clients believe us to be the best trucking company in the USA or anywhere else.

Call us today at 1-800-MEET-ATS.