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Double Drop RGN Trailers

Double Drop RGN Trailers

Double drop RGN (Removable Goose Neck) trailers are typically used for hauling cargo that can be driven onto the trailer. For example, ATS Specialized transportation company may use them to haul forklifts, cranes, agricultural combines and similar freight. A double drop RGN trailer is often referred to as a “detach,” because it has a goose neck that detaches and moves away from the trailer’s lower deck. This allows the load to be driven onto the trailer.

Double Drop Trailer
Conventional double drop trailers (pictured above) have fixed drops on the front and ends of the trailers. Since the beds of these trailers are lower than flatbed trailers, they’re often the optimal choice for stabilizing tall loads. However, with this type of trailer, cranes are usually used to load cargo that can’t be driven on. An RGN offers the benefits of a conventional double drop trailer while also allowing loads to be driven aboard.

Configurations of Double-Drop RGN Trailers

3 Axle RGN Trailer
2 Axle RGN Expandable Trailer

3 Axle RGN Expandable Trailer

There are many different configurations, heights and lengths of double drop RGN trailers. Among the ATS Specialized transportation configurations are:
Flat floor decks
Drop-side decks
Beam decks

ATS Specialized has one of the largest fleets of RGN Double Drop Trailers

ATS Specialized is a leader in heavy haul trucking. Contact us to learn more about our fleet, including double drop RGN trailers and other specialized transportation equipment. See for yourself how nearly 60 years in the business can make a difference.

Call us today at 1-800-328-2316.