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Escort Car

Escort Car

Escort car services go hand in hand with oversized heavy haul transportation. Escort cars, also referred to as pilot cars or pole cars, are equipped with a variety of tools that help make heavy load transportation safer. Pilot car service helps to ensure the safety of the equipment you have to transport, the heavy haul driver and the public.

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Escort Car Equipment

An escort car typically carries an eye-catching “OVERSIZED LOAD” signs that warns other roadway occupants that a heavy load is following. A pilot car usually equipped with flashing lights, flags that catch the notice of others on the road, and a CB radio for communicating with the person driving the oversized load. These pilot cars also carry maps and emergency equipment, such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits, in case unforeseen circumstances happen to arise.

At ATS Specialized Inc., our escort car drivers are highly trained and take great care with safety. Carry for an oversized heavy haul load creates unique safety concerns that an escort car can help to address. An escort car driver ensures that everything from switching lanes to crossing under bridges is safe for the heavy haul driver, his load and everyone else on the road.

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