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Million Mile Drivers

Safety means everything at ATS. It means our Drivers arrive safe, the loads they’re pulling arrive safe and the people they’re encountering on the road get home safe. That’s why it’s important we honor the Drivers who practice it best, our “Million Milers.”

In order to qualify as an esteemed Million Mile Driver at ATS, a Driver must travel one million consecutive miles with no chargeable safety violation or accident. Logging on average 100,000 miles per year driving for ATS, this is no small feat. Yet the industry-leading fleet of driving professionals at ATS continue to rise to the challenge. Today, ATS is home to more than 100 active Drivers who have achieved this remarkable career milestone. Leading the charge are a team of elite Drivers who have driven two and even three million consecutive miles safely.

Being a Million Mile Driver at ATS isn’t just about safety, it’s also about experience. Given the 100,000 miles per year average, the Million Mile achievement means ATS over-the-road truck Drivers have practiced safe driving consistently, working about 10 years to reach the pinnacle of one million safe miles. When you entrust ATS with your freight, you can always be confident safety comes first. And when you’re working with a Million Mile Driver, you’re working with the best of the best in the industry.