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Million Mile Drivers

These drivers have reached a pinnacle in Truck Driving. One Million Miles or over without a chargeable safety violation or accident.


The Million Mile Club at ATS honors our drivers who have provided at least a million miles of safe accident-free service to clients all across the country. ATS is proud to spotlight their achievements as our way of saying, “Thanks a million.”

It’s no easy task driving a million miles or more without a chargeable safety violation or accident. It can be done, of course, and we strongly encourage it by providing all ATS professionals behind the wheels with superior ongoing training and vetting. Still the vagaries of the road, not to mention Mother Nature herself, will stack the deck against a driver. As time goes on,  the odds of a mishap increase, even as experience tempers them.

The statistics are sobering.

Consider that at an average of just fifty-five miles-per-hour speed, an ATS Million Mile Club honoree will have spent well over 18,000 hours on the road. At an average of 5.5 miles to the gallon, he or she will have used up well over 181,800 gallons of fuel. That’s $727,000 dollars right there at almost $4 (four) dollars each gallon.

That’s more than six sets of tires, with each set good for a hundred and fifty thousand of those one million miles.
That’s a cross-country trip between New York City and Los Angeles a 160 times over.
Forty times around the earth at its widest, the equator.
That’s to the moon and back twice.
That’s the ATS Million Mile Driver.

By clocking a million miles and over in such a conscientious manner, ATS drivers save the company big money. ATS has won the Great West Risk Management’s PLATINUM AWARD FOR SAFETY AND OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE for the last five years.

But dedication knows no limits, and our best go on to log an additional one and even two more million safe miles in their ATS careers. Each has the stories to prove it, such as receiving an FBI commendation for saving the life of a fellow motorist, hauling cargo to an international conference for the President of the United States, or meeting one’s future wife and soul-mate on the job.

These are the people hauling anything you can imagine, day in, day out, all across our great country. They do it to provide for their family, and they do it with the kind of professionalism that has made ATS one of the largest carriers in the business.