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ATS Anderson Trucking Service, Inc.

Commonly known as ATS, Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. was founded by Harold Anderson in 1955 to meet the trucking and shipping requirements of small and large companies throughout the USA. He recognized not only the need for a trucking service that integrated a national and international shipping service, but also one that offered clients a high level of personal customer service.

Through a proven record of excellence in the services we offer, ATS has become a leading transportation and shipping company throughout the United States and abroad. Because we are still a family business, we can provide a human touch to our discussions with you on your needs. Anderson Trucking Services is able to adapt to your specific requirements, both in terms of load size and weight and of the pick-up location and destination.

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ATS is a Successful Modern Company

We have not gained the reputation and high regard we enjoy within the transportation industry just because we are a family firm that can tailor our service to meet your needs. We also use the latest technology in our trucking services, as demonstrated by our flatbed/specialized, dry van, crane vans and modern inland and international heavy haul transportation services.

The success of ATS over 60 years has been built on a solid base of clients who remain loyal to us because they know that we never let them down, and that we can provide a solution to any transportation problem they may have. They know that can depend upon our expertise and level of attention to detail to ensure that they meet their delivery targets whatever they may be.

What Does Anderson Trucking Service Offer?

So what can ATS offer to you? Here are just a few of the reasons why our clients stay with us and how we can help you with your national or international trucking and transportation requirements:

Plus a lot more! ATS can ship near anywhere in the world and arrange all the permits for you. We can collect in Akron and ship to Albania if that is what you want. Our near 60 years experience in the trucking business has taught ATS all we need to know to meet all your requirements.

If you think it’s difficult, we think it’s easy! That’s not a proud boast but a statement of fact. You can discuss your needs with us so we can tailor our resources to satisfy them completely.

Quote Request or call us today at 1-800-MEET-ATS.