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Freight Carriers

Freight Carriers

When you’re comparing freight carriers, it’s not just the fleet that counts. Communication is just as important. When communication breaks down or is faulty from the start, the results are late pickups and delayed shipments. This can lead not only to customer frustration, but also to postponed projects and monetary loss. As such, most customers choose freight carriers carefully, and ATS Specialized is committed to being a reliable choice.

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Hi-Tech Freight Service

ATS freight carriers understand how critical communication can be to the success of freight transportation. To meet this need, we provide every customer with 24-hour access to shipment information. Our trucks are satellite-linked, allowing you to track your shipment in real time. Thanks to this technology, you’ll know where your freight is every step of the way.

Communicating With Our Freight Company

Giving us your project means you have the attention of a whole team of freight experts rather than just one. With a whole team focused on your project, you can rest assured that we’ll cover every detail. We work hard to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. We stand ready to help if you have a question or concern as well. You can always rely on us for a timely, informed, courteous response.

Experienced Freight Carriers

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