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60 Years and Counting

60 Years… and counting


One Man. The open road. A truck hauling a block of granite.

One rock develops into more rocks, and then one by one, each develops into milestone.

Each milestone forms the foundation of ATS.

Each milestone serves as a testament to how rock solid values generate success and growth.

The story starts simply.

Harold Anderson, ATS founder, grew up in the transportation industry. He began hauling granite with his father, Elmer at an early-age and was gifted with an entrepreneurial spirit. Trucking was second nature to Harold. He had a profound love for machinery, the trucking business, and driving.

Granite hauled by the Anderson family was excavated from a quarry five miles south of Isle, MN and transported to the nearby railroad. At the time, this quarry was owned by the Hilger Granite Company of St. Cloud.

Cold Spring Granite, located in Cold Spring MN was already a growing business during these years. The Alexander family, owners of Cold Spring Granite, heard of the Andersons’ ability to efficiently haul granite and subsequently met with the Andersons to express their needs and concerns. Cold Spring Granite conveyed their concern about the current semi-truck’s ability to haul a granite block from the quarry to the railroad. The Alexander’s, said if a 15-ton block could be hauled, they would buy the Hilger quarry in Isle, MN. After some planning, The Anderson’s assured them it could be accomplished. In 1928, Cold Spring Granite purchased the Isle quarry and transportation relations between Anderson and Cold Spring Granite began.

In 1935, the Andersons purchased an additional truck and semi-trailer and began hauling finished monuments and building granite by truck; Harold was the driver. A truckload then weighed 20,000 – 24,000 pounds. By 1941, the Anderson’s were operating three trucks.


A True Leader:

In 1942, Harold Anderson, like many others, left behind his job as a truck driver to go to war. At the age of 24, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps and relocated to Arcadia, Florida for pilot training. Eventually, Harold was assigned a crew from the 466 Bomb Group, Second Air Division and Eighth Air Force and stationed at “Attlebridge” located near Norwich – East Angela, 100 miles Northeast of London.

Captain Anderson flew a total of 29 missions, 14 on a wing and 15 as a lead pilot. The majority of bombing targets were primarily deep within Germany. The war with Germany ended in May 1945. Captain Anderson was awarded the Air Medal and the Distinguished Flying Cross. Harold was discharged in October 1945 and returned to Isle, MN with his wife, Jeanette. Upon his return, he went back to work, hauling granite.

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