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The 1970s Create Growth:

It was with a bit of nostalgia that the old wooden warehouse was razed in St. Cloud, and replaced with a new concrete and steel structure in 1971, marking the end of yet another era. ATS continued its growth with the acquisition of additional iron and steel authorities to serve mills in various eastern states. ATS added yet another terminal to promote efficient operations in the eastern steel transportation market.

First Lieutenant Rollie Anderson returned home from the United States Air Force to join ATS in 1972.

As new technology became available, ATS further modernized its facility with the installation of a computer-assisted dispatch system in 1973, a major technological innovation in the trucking industry.

In 1974, ATS acquired authority to transport iron and steel from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. From this point ATS became a specialized hauler of large complex machinery after receiving authority to serve the Bucyrus Erie Corporation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Pocatello, Idaho through transporting their walking draglines.

Later, in 1976, Manitowoc Engineering in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, a leading manufacturer of cranes, was added as a customer, and ATS established a terminal near their manufacturing facility. Their assignment was to haul the crane houses.

ATS began the transportation of pre-engineered metal buildings in 1978.

By 1979 the company had grown to 463 employees and independent contractors operating nearly 400 power units and some 800 trailers. ATS had more than 275 ICC operating authorities.


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