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ATS In-House Services

Finding a turnkey transportation partner that can handle all aspects of your freight transportation efficiently and affordably isn’t an easy task. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. From permitting to escorts, to safety and project management, an in-house team of experts in each of these critical areas work side by side under one at ATS each day to ensure each and every load you schedule with us is executed safely, on time and within your budget.


The ATS permit department is staffed with experts experienced in securing permits for all types of transportation and freight, including over-dimensional and overweight permit securement. Through 60+ years in business, ATS and this team have established trusted relationships with states and municipalities, which enable us to execute the permitting process smoothly and make needed modifications quickly to keep your project on time. With more than 100,000 permits ordered each year from county, city, and state levels across the country, ATS is capable of getting your load on the road faster, no matter the size and no matter where it’s headed.


With more than 60 years in the industry and millions of miles behind us, there aren’t many roads we haven’t traveled. Before every load hits the road, we do our homework. The ATS in-house team of planning specialists will map the route and create a plan to ensure the safest, most efficient journey for your particular freight. Our in-house team will work with a nationwide network in the field, conducting field route surveys when necessary and driving the route to ensure every detail is up to standard so your shipment stays on track. Using CAD-based aerial systems, an optimal route is created based on the size of the truck and trailer your load specifications.


ATS isn’t just a trucking company; we’re a safety company. From safety checks to securement plans, our staff works side by side with operations and drivers, directly contributing to planning and operations to ensure the ultimate safety of every load and every person involved. The ATS team is professionally trained in securement and operations management, and in full compliance with the DOT.
• Knowledgeable on all regulatory measures, including seasonal and specialized transportation laws.
• Securement trainers; training done in-house on a regular basis.
• Safety operations management
• Customs clearance – CT-PAT certified


When a load becomes over-dimensional, you need a front and rear escort. As part of our turnkey solution, ATS has a full team of escort car resources in-house and brings these resources to you, all with one call. Our escorts guide the driver on the permitted route to keep the driver and the public safe during the shipment. Need someone to steer the trailer? Our escorts are trained to handle any trailer, including the TK 360 Dual Lane. With over 1,000 contracted operators, our escort car service is ready for any job.

Asset & Load Planning

After more than 60 years in the transportation business, we know how important planning is. And with more than 8,000 assets ready to carry your load, rest assured we’ll match your load to the right tractor/trailer combination to ensure the safest, most efficient delivery possible. We map our tractor network to optimize your load, so your load gets on the road faster and stays visible to you throughout its journey through 24×7 online tracking.
ATS also offers in-house dedicated customer service teams for every load along with 24×7 fleet management and customer service. And when your shipments extend beyond North American borders, we offer extended services for International transportation:
• Vendor coordination
• Inland transport
• Port handling
• On-site supervision for secure loading and unloading
• Marine insurance acquisition
• Turnkey project management
• Worldwide door pick-up & delivery
• Import/Export document preparation

When you work with ATS, you get what you need. Guaranteed. That’s the ATS Experience.