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ATS Corporate Expansion

ATS is excited to announce the opening of our new addition in the “West Wing” of our corporate headquarters in St. Cloud just in time for spring! The 20,000 square foot expansion is a long-term investment in the future and will provide plenty of space to accommodate future growth. We’re expected to receive the “official” certificate of occupancy by March 1st, approximately 5 weeks ahead of schedule!


More than just an extension to the existing building, the new addition was designed to optimize collaboration amongst the ATS team. So, in addition to accommodating future employee growth, new connecting spaces, including centrally located “huddle space” on each floor of the new addition, as well as seven new conference rooms will be made available.

The opening of the new addition at ATS is a sign of the many positive things to come as we continue to pursue the ATS vision of being the most sought after transportation provider in the world. We are excited to celebrate this milestone with our customers, employee, neighbors and our communities.