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“The Real Heart of ATS” Stories

At ATS, there’s more to trucking than the load and the road. This is the real heart of ATS. Thank you, Flatbed Driver David for making us proud.

“Hi Tom,

I’m sure being a phone contact and customer service person for ATS you get to hear lots of customer complaints, real and imagined. I doubt you hear the good side often enough but I’ve got to give your ATS team and one driver in particular a compliment.

On Friday July 14th I took a vacation day off to go fishing with my 7 year old grandson. He was about to go visit family in Ohio for a couple weeks and we hadn’t had much time together yet this summer. The summer has been quickly slipping away. After we finished on the boat that day he wanted to come by (my company) and see our building addition and look at the big machinery to see what was being produced. He’s always been fascinated by what we do in manufacturing and loves all the big trucks coming and going in the shipping and receiving docks. He’s even said when he grows up he wants to drive a semi like the big rigs where I work.

Anyway, on the 14th when we came in, our S&R department was loading a full flat bed of bundles bound for Rock Hill, SC. The ATS driver was doing his usual job getting straps and tarps in place while the bundles were being loaded and my wide eyed grandson watched in amazement. At one point the drive came close to where we were standing and I mentioned he had my grandson’s ‘dream job;’ that he thought it would be so the best job ever to drive a big truck some day. Without missing a beat your driver asked my grandson if he wanted to honk the horn. Noah kind of froze. I could tell he thought it was a neat idea but he was a little timid and shy and didn’t jump at the chance; at first. The driver went back about his work and I talked with Noah a little about it. I told him it was OK and so a few minutes later we approached your driver and he helped make it happen. My grandson climbed up in the cab and pulled the air horn and his face lit up. It was a great moment for a 7 year old.

We thanked the driver and went about the rest of our day as Noah hopped and skipped out of our building. When I got back to work Monday our S&R manager had an ATS hat for me along with the attached note from the driver. He went way over and above his duty in my opinion to show kindness to a total stranger from a future generation. The driver was David from truck number 82675. He’s a credit to your company Tom. ATS has a really great team from all we here at (my company) have observed and this one random act of kindness truly exemplifies what a great organization ATS is day in and day out.

If possible please let the driver know we appreciated his professionalism and kindness very much.

Much thanks”

Sales Manager
Marcellus, MI