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Engine Certified… What Does it Mean?

We know that when it comes to mission-critical aircraft and aerospace engine transportation, the margin of error is razor thin.

Look to a partner that understands the importance of timely, claim-free delivery—Anderson Trucking Service.

With a group of the best-trained Drivers in the industry, only the most skilled are invited to join our engine-certified team. We utilize a rigorous internal qualification process for all Drivers, requiring:

  • Longevity and experience—Each Driver must meet our experience requirements by safely hauling many different load types, and establishing longevity with ATS.
  • A pristine safety record—Drivers must be free of preventable accidents.
  • Completion of our proprietary Engine Training program—After a Driver has established longevity, and gained the proper experience with a clean safety record, they are invited to complete our proprietary Engine Transport Training program, focusing exclusively on the elements required to ensure claim-free transport and delivery of engines and other aviation-related, sensitive cargo.

In addition to extensive qualification and training process, our Drivers participate in a proprietary securement program to ensure claim-free delivery for every load you put on our trucks. We like to think of it as an extra layer of scrutiny to protect your high-value loads, and it’s the secret behind our claim-free deliveries.

More than 200 of our Drivers have successfully completed the Engine Certification program, meaning that we’ve got capacity to move aircraft engines and ground support equipment when you need us. Those Drivers work hand-in-hand with an in-house team, including Customer Service, Planners, Dispatch, and Safety, all ready to handle your needs 24/7/365.

Trust ATS to handle your mission-critical aviation support, and rest easy knowing that your load is in the hands of the most experienced Drivers in the industry. Expect an on-time, and claim-free delivery. Every time.

Book your next aviation load with Anderson Trucking Service

Tom Reichert Jim Bell, Anderson Trucking Service Engine and Aviation Team

Trust the ATS Aerospace Team for your mission-critical transportation.

Contact the ATS Aviation Team today: Email Tom Reichert   -or-   Email Jim Bell