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A Letter to Our Drivers

ATS, Inc. has always paid attention to and focused on three major aspects to ensure the satisfaction of our Drivers: Money, Home Time, and Respect. It takes all three of those things to make us successful, as a company, and as an asset division.

Having instituted several key pay changes for our Company Drivers this year, we’re going to take advantage of the positive market environment to further focus on a few more things we know matter to our Drivers.

How can we do better?

Family Matters

We are now guaranteeing all Vans Drivers a minimum 2-week home time schedule. We’ve revamped our computer systems to track and monitor this, and we’re reviewing schedules weekly. In addition to the 2-week guarantee, we’re also monitoring the accuracy of meeting our Driver’s home time needs.

If you have a football game or dance recital to attend on Friday, are we getting you home in time to attend these events? Making money is extremely important, but if it’s at the disposal of a good family life, is it really worth it?

Arming Drivers with Better Information

While we’re focusing on ways we can set our Drivers up for success, we’re also looking to make sure we’re providing them with correct information at the first point of contact. It’s critical for our Customer Service Representatives to relay accurate information to Fleet Managers before they pass it along to our Drivers. So, in the past 60 days, there has been an intense focus on the overhaul of the location codes within our internal legacy system. This effort includes extensive cleanup of the data in our system as well as developing a list of required key data items our CSRs must have before saving and sending load information to Fleet Managers. Going forward, we will continue to verify data within location codes with each and every load to ensure information accuracy.

Intense Focus on New Business and Driver Dispatch

There isn’t anything more important to us than giving our Drivers best-in-class freight to haul. To date, we’ve secured 89 new customers, totaling over $4M in new business revenue. In addition to the new business focus, we are trying to increase our load pre-assignment rate. This increased focused has decreased truck layover each night by 28%, and 67% of our Drivers now know what their next dispatch will be prior to delivering their current load, a 9% increase over 2017.

New Driver Welcome

ATS, Inc. leadership has made it a priority to reach out to new Drivers after 7 days at ATS, to make sure that things are going as promised in their first weeks of employment. We want our Drivers to know that we are proud to have them on our team, and that we’ll do everything within our control to make them successful at ATS. In addition, it gives us a chance to address any areas of concern our new Drivers may have as they come on board at ATS.

At the end of the day, we know that we cannot do our jobs without the Drivers at ATS. It is our job to make sure that we are doing everything we can to set them up for a successful career on the road. We’re a family-run company, and we want our Drivers to know that they are an integral part of that family.

By focusing on the above priorities, we believe that we will see a positive impact on safety, turnover, driver referrals, and our bottom line.

We know that the success of our Drivers is critical to the success of ATS, Inc. We are honored and proud to have you on the ATS team.

Jeff Potthoff
Senior Vice President, ATS, Inc.