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Delivering Certainty in Uncertain Times

Flatbed-and-vansWe know these are uncertain times. Every day, we’re experiencing new developments in the COVID-19 pandemic that directly affect the way we live and work. We’ve had to consider and put into effect a “Plan B” for our businesses faster and more unexpectedly than any of us ever imagined.

In times like these, the importance of working together to accomplish goals efficiently has never been more clear. Though each day seems to be more unpredictable than the last, there are still a couple of certainties we can have confidence in.

First, transportation is vital to infrastructure across the globe. The COVID-19 crisis has forced the world to step back and formally identify the sectors deemed “essential” to keep the global economy moving. These efforts confirm the importance of transportation, not just for your business and ours, but also to keep the economy strong and humanity safe. The vitality of shippers’ and carriers’ combined efforts has taken on an all-new, life-sustaining role in our country. Working together, we are making a difference. In this time of need, ATS is doubling down to support companies like yours in meeting changing demands.

Secondly, capacity, logistics solutions and support are here anytime you need us. While this crisis is new, reacting to needs during times of crises and unexpected events is not. We recognize that these uncertain times might be causing unusual, irregular and/or increased service demands for your business. Thanks to a flexible and diverse fleet of world-class Drivers, a 2:1 trailer ratio and all the supporting equipment you need along with a global network of strategic partnerships, we’re able to mobilize quickly to get capacity, equipment and other services to you on short notice, even in difficult areas. Throughout our 65-year history, ATS has been called to respond to emergency shipping needs. We are uniquely positioned and proud to successfully — and quickly — answer the call.

From our family to yours, we wish you strength and resilience through these difficult times. At a time when it’s challenging to find resources you can consistently rely upon, we’re committed to minimizing the coronavirus's impact on the supply chain and proud to work with you during this time.

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Gary Stang

Written by Gary Stang

Gary serves as the senior vice president and general manager of ATS Specialized, where he oversees everything having to do with open deck freight. He also manages the Corporate Flight Department, sits on the 401k Committee and acts as the CEO of ATS-subsidiary, Warren Transport. Gary has been with ATS since 1993 in various roles, beginning as a customer service representative for K&W Transportation in Alaska.


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