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Heavy Haul Loads

Heavy Haul Loads

If you have heavy haul loads of valuable materials or equipment to transport, then you need to know they are in good hands. Such loads require particular care taken by carriers and logistics planners to make sure they arrive on time and in perfect condition. If your own resources are insufficient to meet all your needs, then ATS (Anderson Trucking Service) are experienced in handling such heavy loads with the care and attention you demand.

That is because ATS employs the most efficient load-tendering system on the market, and also uses drivers trained to the highest possible level in road safety and the safe carriage of your load, no matter how bulky or heavy.

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ATS is well aware that the old saying “time is money” is very true where transporting heavy equipment is involved. We understand that your delivery dates must be kept. That is an important part of the training we provide to our drivers, whether they are new hires or experienced drivers undergoing a continuous improvement refresher training course.

However, that is not all. Not only are our drivers and shippers conscientious in their work, and committed to delivering anywhere worldwide on time, but we also employ very effective time saving techniques in our business.

Saving Time Saves Money

If the logistics of your destination require several stops countrywide, or even around the globe, we can save you real money in a number of ways due to our time saving methods. Not only will we keep your cargo safe until it reaches its final destination, but we also offer a single-carrier service from pick-up to delivery even though multiple locations are involved with overseas destinations.

Here is how we achieve this:

● We own one of the largest fleets of heavy-haul rigs in the country.
● We can back that up with multiple depots country-wide, so the most appropriate heavy haul
equipment will be within a short driving distance of your premises.
● Our affiliated shipping companies transport your overseas loads as a priority.
● The faster we can pick up your load the faster we can deliver and the less it will cost you.
● We have our own permit and escort departments, meaning that you have less paperwork to complete
● Our brokerage service will fill all your load needs.

By using ATS for your heavy haul loads you will are assured safe delivery, delivery on time and less work for yourself. This equates to a cash saving worth having for no extra work to yourself.

Contact us for Your Heavy Haul Needs.

Contact us free at (0800) 328-2316 for more information or our heavy load services in North America and worldwide.

If you are interested in finding out more about our heavy haul trucking services, then write to us using our fax service on (320) 255-7494 or email us at