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The Importance of Drivers

The Importance of Drivers on ATS Trucking Service

If you are looking for a reliable trucking service then don’t just look at the company name, look at the drivers.

Yes, Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. is known all over North America and beyond for its high quality service, its superb tracking capabilities and its ability to move anything anywhere no matter how large or awkward the load. However, our freight service would be nothing were it not for our expert drivers who take responsibility, not only for their vehicle, but also for your load the second they begin to load up.

Highly Skilled and Experienced Drivers

Once your load hits the road, it is the drivers upon whom we all rely to get that load to its destination intact and on time. Here at ATS Specialized, we know our drivers and are confident that their high level of training and experience provides them with the skills needed to carry and deliver your load on time irrespective of any unexpected difficulties they may encounter on the route.

Those drivers that pass our stringent interview are all trained in the standards we expect of them, and are given the skills necessary to ensure that they meet all of your requirements. That includes your expected standard of care when loading, transporting and unloading your cargo, and also your delivery deadlines. ATS Specialized does not deliver late! Our drivers make sure of that.

Not only do we thoroughly train our new hires, irrespective of any previous experience they may have had, but we also continually retrain our existing experienced drivers through our policy of continuous improvement. However, we don’t just stop there. We keep them happy with newer equipment and a competitive pay and benefits package, and also try to schedule their loads to meet their personal needs.

We regard our drivers with the respect they deserve for the job they do. It is because of them that you get your cargo delivered where and when you want it to be. We have a very low turnover of staff because they are happy with their jobs and take a great deal of pride in their work. That is why they in turn treat every customer with courtesy and respect, and do their best to meet your needs.

Experienced Freight Company

Put our extensive truck driver experience to work for you.

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