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ATS Air Ride Vans

ATS Air-Ride Vans: For the comfort of your cargo

Not all cargo has the same needs. For those loads that require special handling, air-ride vans offer an extra level of care for fragile shipments. ATS is an expert at shipping sensitive items requiring a bit more TLC, including sensitive scientific equipment, certain retail fixtures, articles made from glass, fragile porcelain, pieces of art and more. We’ll work to ensure your delicate items are protected from any shock or sudden movement, and suitably protected in the event of any unexpected occurrence enroute.

When it comes to shipping sensitive or fragile freight, you need to be confident that it will be transported with the care and attention needed to protect all along the way. ATS has deep experience in helping you minimize risk in your shipments and an exceptional record of damage-free delivery. Try us, and you’ll see!

Multiple Options to Protect Your Freight

Anderson Trucking Service has years of experience in transporting fragile and sensitive loads of all kinds and a wide variety of air-ride equipped trailers to haul them. Our experience, geographic reach and large capacity will help you rest assured you’ll be able to move your freight when you need to and that it will arrive safely and in the same condition as it was loaded.

In addition to air-ride trailers, ATS is also one of the country’s premier providers of pad wrap shipping services. Pad wrapping offers one more layer of protection from any unexpected shock, such as sudden braking or even a collision.

Here at ATS, we employ the most experienced Drivers using the highest quality equipment on the road – but we live in the real world. Accidents happen. We’ll make sure your load doesn’t become a casualty of such incidents by fully protecting your sensitive goods.

Capacity Ready Throughout the USA

With terminals and trailer yards located across the continent, we’re sure to have the trailer you need close by, helping you get your freight on the road faster. ATS operates air-ride trailers offering these services:

Dry Van
Pad Wrap
Crane Van

ATS will always strive to use the right van transportation equipment to fit our client’s needs. We can ship your cargo in any of a number of transportation configurations to anywhere in the world. We have a number of air-ride blanket and pad wrap dry van trailers for your sensitive cargo. Refrigeration is available if needed.

Because we own and professionally maintain all our own vehicles, we can meet your needs 100% of the time without having to rely on a third party. If you need a significantly large number of assets, we have a nationwide network of carriers that will ensure we have the number of air-ride van and dry van trailers available to meet your needs.

The average age of our Van fleet is 18 months. Our professional engineers make sure that they are always in prime condition. ATS air-ride vans offer you the perfect solution for transporting your delicate and fragile shipment to the next state or to the UK or Singapore.

We also offer transportation management services that help you to reduce your shipping costs. For more information on this, and on our transportation and logistics services, contact us here:

Dry Van, Crane and Reefer-Temperature Controlled Sales at 800 654-3322
E-mail us at

Pad Wrap Sales at 866 PAD WRAP
E-mail us at