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Blanket Wrap or Pad Wrap Service?

Blanket Wrap or Pad Wrap Service?

Two names one great ATS service.

Looking for blanket wrap transportation services? Not a blanket wrap, but blanket wrap moving – depending on which part of the United States, fully padded transportation of goods and household items is referred to as blanket wrap or, more obviously, pad wrap moving. They are one and the same, though it makes a big difference when searching on the internet!

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Though lexicographically interchangeable, the two terms produce vastly different results in a search engine, something like Google. Using “pad wrap” gets ATS Vans Pad Wrap moving services, whereas the other term brings up, well, fleece blanket wraps. As in soft, fuzzy, and warm.

ATS Pad Wrap Van Trucking Services
But come to think of it, the two ideas are quite related: after all, pad wrap moving involves bundling goods or commercial items in big padded blankets (see above), the way a person would be wrapped in a soft fuzzy blanket. Of course, the pad wraps used for transporting things are not given to cute designs or coordinated colors, but they are very similar to the kind of blanket wraps found on sofas or lounge chairs. While no one would ever mistake them for each other, the real difference is functional; a pad wrap is quilted (but, again, without color coordination or any aesthetic design sense whatsoever), meant for padding and not for warmth.

Pad Wrap moving is used for shipment that is not crated or otherwise packaged, such as in cartons. This generally means furniture, gym equipment, store fixtures, oversized but still delicate electronics, and concert or tradeshow exhibits, displays, lighting, scaffolding, and the like. Moving your retail business from one location to another? ATS Pad wrap services for sure.

ATS Pad Wrap Van Trucking Services
It’s important to choose a company like ATS Van Solutions, that specializes in blanket or pad wrap transportation, however. Make sure you are not using a residential mover. Some of these companies are just a couple of college guys making money in-between semesters or on the weekends, throwing a bunch of old padded blankets around haphazard in a hired or, even, borrowed van. It’s important to not only pad but strap and deck as well, so that loads don’t shift and, worse, knock into one another or topple over altogether. Even in cases of maximum density, proper padding and strapping is crucial in ensuring that everything arrives safely, just as it was loaded.

It’s also important to choose an asset-based company. ATS Van Solutions owns their own fleet of trucks trailers and equipment. You know you are getting safe well trained drivers, and newer equipment. Keep in mind that newer vehicles generally mean fewer breakdowns and safer travel, so the age of the fleet should be a consideration worth checking up on. Also, where affordable, companies with solid commercial transport experience should be preferred, as such operations tend to be conducted with a lot more care than residential ones, meaning that they are used to working to the most exacting of institutional standards.

To discover more of the ATS difference contact us:

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