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Crane Van Services

No Dock? No Problem!

Here at Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. (ATS), we’re continuously working to provide innovative service offerings. That’s why we are pleased to offer crane vans (dry vans fitted with gantry cranes) to meet your loading and unloading needs when a loading dock is not available.

OK, so what is a crane van? Though they come in many sizes, ATS crane vans are 53′ air-ride vans that have been sent off to a fabrication company to reinforce the trailer and install a gantry crane that runs inside the length the of the van. The addition of the crane transforms our van from a freight trailer on wheels to a mobile material-handling and delivery system.

With crane van service, with just a push of a button, we can load and unload your customers products (up to 8,000 lbs., 3.5 tons or 3,600 Kg.) virtually anywhere our semi truck can go. Our Drivers are well trained in material handling and can adapt to most handling challenges they encounter, ensuring a safe “No dock? No Problem” delivery.

Benefits of Crane Van Services:
  • Ideal for new construction and job site deliveries
  • Avoid waiting for a lift truck
  • Unload faster and safer
  • Increase delivery productivity and profit
  • Load and unload at ground level
  • Handle any item that fits your van or truck
  • Deliver heavy or bulky items anywhere, even a private home
  • 8,000 lbs, (3.5 tons or 3,600 Kg.) capacity
  • Interior dimensions of 100″ high x 90″ wide x 53′ long

Crane Van in action:

crane-van-4  crane-van-3

crane-van-2  crane-van-1

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