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Crane Vans are Essential

ATS Crane Van Services are Essential

Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. (ATS) Crane Van Service is essential for the delivery of awkward or heavy items to locations without a loading dock. Let’s face it, every location that has to accept heavy steel bar deliveries, grand pianos or large spools of cable does not necessarily have a crane onsite. Nor it is always convenient to use a fork truck to load and unload, particularly if items are awkwardly shaped or if they are to be loaded into or out of a box.

What’s more, not every manufacturer, warehouse or retailer has a dock leveler to load and unload large or awkward articles. Both the sender and receiver must have one in order for an ordinary van to be used for the collection and delivery. While this would be a problem in the delivery to regular commercial premises, crane van services overcome these difficulties and allow ATS as your shipping partner to load and unload your freight with ease.

Crane Trucks and Fittings

A crane truck is fundamentally an air ride van semi trailer fitted with an overhead crane unit that runs on two rails. The crane itself comes in the form of a rail-mounted gantry, the external rails of which unfold out from the van, thus providing a set of cantilever rails extending outwards for the crane rollers to run along.

A number of fittings can be used to suit the loading and unloading of any item, regardless of its shape or size. If it can fit into the van then it can be loaded and unloaded using the crane. Such cranes can be retrofitted into most semi-trailers, converting them from a simple freight carriage vessel to a materials handling system suitable for any location without a loading dock or bay.

Your freight container can become a mobile lifting unit so you can deliver anywhere, loading dock or not. By use of the spreader bars available, you can unload loads up to 20 ft long such as steel bars, rollers or piping.

Manual Handling Issues Solved

Crane van service not only simplifies the loading and unloading of large and inconvenient loads, but it does so quickly, saving you time and money. ATS crane van services also eliminate unnecessary manual handling, helping you minimize the risk of possible injuries the often come with manual handling.

ATS crane van services simplify the loading and unloading of large and inconvenient loads, improve efficiency and save you time and money.

  • Avoid waiting for a lift truck
  • Unload faster and safer
  • Increase delivery productivity and profit
  • Load and unload at ground level
  • Handle any item that fits your van or truck
  • Deliver heavy or bulky items anywhere – even a private home

Never underestimate the manual handling issues that can arise when Drivers and other employees have load or unload to ground level. Avoid them by using crane vans for your transport and delivery operations. Why take such chances when ATS has the perfect solution is available?