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Crane Vans – No Dock? No Problem!

ATS Crane Vans – your no-dock shipping solution

No dock? No problem! Many companies – particularly commercial premises that do not receive large or awkwardly shaped items on a regular basis – often have no loading dock. And most residential premises have no way of facilitating the unloading of large items. So how do you successfully deliver freight in these situations and how do you unload it?

The challenge can often beyond your own premises. What about your receiver? Even if you have a loading dock of your own, if the person you’re shipping your freight to does not, what do you do?

Crane Vans are the Answer

For loading and unloading sites without access to a loading dock or lifting equipment suitable to unload the delivery, ATS Crane Van solutions are essential. Our trucks and crane vans we have are fitted with a gantry crane that runs on rollers can be extended to outside of the truck interior, making no-dock shipping a breeze! ATS crane vans can handle practically any large load. If our crane van or crane truck is big enough to transport the item, then the crane is powerful enough to unload it!

In addition to unloading direct to your loading bay or dock, we can also load from and unload to ground level. Our crane vans can unload from boxes or crates into other boxes or crates. They can unload onto pallets or other open trucks. Even direct truck-to-truck transfers are possible.

CargoMaster Truck Crane

Our crane vans are fitted with the Cargomaster system. Even if you have no dock, you can still unload the heaviest of goods to ground level – but what then? Once you have your delivery on the ground it can be moved to where you want it using a pallet truck or a fork truck. If it comes already palletized, then that makes it easier, but if not then no problem – just unload it from our crane van onto a pallet and take it from there.

ATS Drivers are well trained in materials handling and can adapt to most handling problems they come across. We don’t expect our clients to be able to resolve all their material handling problems themselves. We’ll pitch in and help you get your delivery from our crane truck or van to its final destination in your premises.

Accurate Load Positioning

Our fitted gantry cranes can position your items with a high degree of accuracy. They have both front-to-back and side-to-side movement, handling cargo of up to 8 ft tall and 20 ft long. They are powered by the truck’s 12-volt battery or by the engine running in idle. The maximum weight we can handle with our crane vans is 8,000 lb (3.5 tons or 3,600 Kg.)

So if you have no dock, then that’s no problem to us! Our crane vans can load from ground and unload to ground. If you do have a dock, then that’s also no problem to us – we can load from any dock, dock leveler or not. The crane can extend onto your loading bay, and we take it from there to solve any unloading issues your receiver may have.