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Complete Dry Van Service

ATS offers a complete dry van service, and you have several ATS dry van options to choose from.

When you have a cargo to be collected and delivered, it is important that you order the correct van for your needs. The last thing you want is for our van to arrive and find that it is not suitable for handling or transporting the load involved.

Many dispatchers call us and order a van or truck to deliver goods from their premises to a specified destination. Although we will need details of the nature of the cargo, it is not uncommon for use to arrive at the premises to find that the goods for dispatch require special care in transit or even that there is no dock for us to load from – or unload to!

Unless there is a lift truck available our van can wait, with the potential for a late delivery. It may even have to return to our depot for the Driver to switch to a more suitable vehicle. This is unsatisfactory, both for you and for us, and such a situation can easily be avoided.

ATS vans are equipped with many different options and we’ll work with you to determine which is the best for your freight. Whether your initial choice is a crane van and a regular dry van, ATS assets can be outfitted as a pad van, complete with pads and/or blankets to protect valuable or irregularly shaped items.

Dry Van or Crane Van?

If your goods are normal cargo, packed on a regular pallet and can be unloaded using a fork lift truck, then what you need is an ordinary dry van. This is the regular type of delivery van that contains no special equipment other than the usual ropes and ties necessary to keep your load secure in transit.

It can be loaded and unloaded from a dock or from the ground using a fork lift truck. If you have a load of bricks, for example, or palletized sacks or boxes, then a regular ATS dry van or half-truck should be all that you need.

But what if your load is particularly awkward to handle, such as a load of 20 ft steel bars or large items of furniture that won’t fit onto a pallet? What if there is no loading or unloading dock? In such cases, a crane van may be a better option. This transfers the responsibility for loading and/or unloading to our Driver.

ATS crane vans are regular dry vans fitted with a gantry crane, the rails of which can be extended outside of the van. The crane can hold any weight that is able to be transported in the van. Your cargo can be loaded into and unloaded from the crane van without the need for a lift truck or any other equipment.

A crane van can load from your dock or from ground level, and unload the same way – either to a dock or to ground level. So a dock is not essential. Un-palletized, awkwardly shaped or long loads can be handled by means of attachments available for the crane. Even with regular pallets there is no need to wait for a fork lift to become available. It saves you time and it saves your clients time.

Blanket or Pad Van?

If you have fragile goods to ship, such as scientific or medical equipment, paintings or glass items, ATS also offers blanket and pad wrap van services. These arrive equipped with blankets to protect fragile and irregularly shaped items, and protective pads to absorb the impact should goods move in transit. Blanket and pad wraps help minimize and often eliminate damage due to even slight movement sufficient enough to damage certain types of cargo otherwise unprotected.

Refrigeration may be another issue. Most perishable goods are best shipped in a refrigerated van or ‘reefer.’ The same is true of certain types of electronic goods and medical supplies. If you are shipping such goods, you should inform us when you place your shipping order.

ATS Your Complete Dry Van Service

Here at ATS we can offer you the dry van service that best suits your needs. Inform us of any special requirements that might require us to modify our ‘everyday’ dry van to a crane van, pad van or reefer.

ATS can offer comprehensive dry van services. If you are unsure of your needs, let the experts at ATS help. There are very few types of cargo we haven’t handled before. It is important that between us we provide the best ATS van or half-truck to meet your specific requirements. That can be done by warning us in advance of the nature of your cargo and the facilities for loading and unloading available at each end of the transaction.