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Pad Blanket Wrap Carriers

ATS – Pad and Blanket Wrap Carriers

Pad and blanket wrap carriers offer the degree of care you need to ensure that your delivery reaches its destination intact and in good condition. Fragile items of cargo have to be handled and transported with great care, but frequently they are not given the care and attention they require to arrive at their destination in the same condition as when they left.

Sure, you can load many items onto pallets for transit in order to cut your transport costs, but sometimes this can be counter-productive. This is particularly the case for items that are fragile or sensitive to knocks. They need to be packed with the care and attention needed to protect them from the normal impacts that they will receive during loading, transit and unloading.

Here at ATS, we are familiar with such issues, and well aware of the damage that can be done to loads such as scientific instruments, display and point -of-sale shelving and other fragile items if they are not adequately protected.

Blanket Wrap Carriers

ATS Blanket Wrap Carriers are specifically designed to handle such loads. If your cargo is easily damaged or broken, then we can make sure that it is transported safely without breakage or any other form of damage. Whether your item is a truckload antique tables, a sensitive chemical device, a cargo of exercise equipment or a collection of antique bisque dolls, ATS can protect it and deliver it safely.

ATS Van Solutions is one of the most experienced and respected specialist pad and blanket wrap carriers in the business. Not only do we have the experience of transporting sensitive and fragile cargoes such as those above, but we also do so safely.

We not only understand that not all cargoes can be transported on pallets, but we also know why and how to wrap such cargoes that they arrive at their destinations in the same condition as they left your own premises. What more can you ask for? Well, one thing you could ask for may be a fully comprehensive shipping and transport management service. You need look no farther.

Not only does the ATS family of companies provide a secure pad and blanket wrap service, but we also offer any other type of shipping service you could ever want. We can handle any size and weight of cargo, from massive generators and wind turbines to the tiniest of Chinese porcelain figurines. Each is handled with the greatest of care to ensure that it will arrive at its destination undamaged.

ATS Shipping Services

If you compare ATS with other blanket wrap carriers, you will find that many offer only a blanket wrap freight service, not the comprehensive transportation service for any cargo that ATS offers. We can provide you with standard dry shipping as well as expedited and fleet replacement services.

Our shipping services are practically unlimited in their capabilities, and not only are they completely reliable but they can help you save money. If you are looking to keep your transportation costs low, then ATS enables you to achieve that without compromising the quality of service you receive.

If you are seeking comprehensive reporting and shipment consolidation, then you will get that as standard. If you have the need to combine your sensitive blanket wrap cargoes with international heavy haul services, then we can do that with complete confidence. You can combine a shipment of extremely heavy industrial equipment with one of delicate scientific instruments with the knowledge that each will arrive together on schedule and completely undamaged.

Our country-wide assets can respond to your needs by the next day wherever you are located. You could be loading the day after you call us, whether your cargo weighs several tons or just a few ounces. We can respond to your shipping needs in less than 24 hours.

ATS – A One-Stop Shop for all Your Shipping Needs

Forget about dealing with different shipping companies for your heavy haul, international and blanket wrap and pad wrap requirements. You can turn to ATS for all you shipping needs irrespective of the nature of your cargo. Our logistics support is top class, and those that use ATS know that they can rely on us not only to ship and deliver their goods in perfect condition, but also to offer one of the best back-up services in the world. This all comes from more than half a century in this type of business.

Ship with one of the largest Pad / Blanket Wrap Carriers in North America.
Rather than working with separate blanket / pad wrap carriers, heavy haul carriers and international shipping companies, you can turn to ATS for all of your transportation needs – including logistics support. To learn more about our van shipping services, contact us:

ATS Van Sales at 1-800-MEET-ATS
Email us at