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Pad Blanket Wrap Service

Pad / Blanket Wrap Service

Whether you know the difference between a blanket wrap service and a dry van service is immaterial – you want your cargo to arrive at its destination safely and intact. If your business is expanding and you are not only shipping more, but are shipping new types of freight, then it is possible that you will require a different type of shipping service than you have been used to using.

Dry van shipping is good for regularly shaped or easily stacked items that are not particularly fragile or sensitive to handling or movement. However, many items with irregular shapes frequently cannot be loaded this way.

If you are carrying cargo such as delicate scientific or medical equipment, telecommunications equipment or retail fixtures with large glass panels, they need a more protective form of loading. A blanket wrap service is ideal for each of these, wrapping them up and keeping them safe during loading, transportation and unloading.

ATS Van Solutions can provide you with a wide range of pad wrap shipping services to meet any new transportation provisions you may require. No matter what physical form your cargo takes, ATS Van Solutions can offer the ideal type of van, truck or trailer to meet your needs.

ATS Pad/Blanket Wrap Service

Anderson Trucking Service Inc. has over 25 years experience in the van transportation business, and brings with it all the advantages associated with an experienced trucking company. Among these are:

  • A comprehensive blanket wrap service suitable for any size or shape of cargo.
  • Satellite tracking of all equipment required for the ATS blanket wrap service.
  • Optional transport management services with our blanket wrap trucking service, enabling our clients to minimize their costs.
  • Fast response to your needs through our network of blanket wrap trucking assets, including our international shipping service.
  • Inter-state and international blanket wrap shipping service, with over 40 terminals and trailer yards throughout the USA.

Attention to detail is our benchmark, and we can ensure that you are provided with the most appropriate trucking and shipping solution for your cargo. Unsure if you need a pad/blanket wrap service? Simply call us and we will help match the van or truck to your cargo.

ATS can offer pad/blanket wrap facilities, dry van shipping and any other form of transport needed to ship your cargo safely on time.

You have an urgent delivery requiring an expedited service? No problem to us!
Looking for a fleet replacement service? ATS offers a fleet replacement service for operators shipping all types of cargo.

We can offer the most appropriate trucking and shipping service for all your needs, no matter how diverse. Simply contact us here for further information:

ATS Vans Sales at 1-800-MEET-ATS
Email us at