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Pad / Blanket Wrap Shipping

Pad & Blanket Wrap Shipping

The pad / blanket wrap shipping service you use is a very important choice to make, particularly if your cargo has a long distance to travel.

Not all pad & blanket wrap shipping services are the same in the protection they provide to your load. Yet each load will inevitably be subjected to movement and jostling during a long drive.

Therefore, it’s important that you choose a blanket wrap shipping service that not only has experience in shipping sensitive loads over long distances, but also has the means to do it safely. Your shipping service must be able to choose from a number of alternative types of vans or trucks in order to select the right service for your freight.

That’s where ATS excels. We have many years of experience with pad or blanket wrap shipping and a massive fleet available, so we’ll always choose the best truck in our fleet for your load. Not only will your cargo be properly protected during transit, but if you need it we can also use a crane van to safely unload each item to ground level if required. This service is particularly useful if you or your receiving company has no dock.

Pad / blanket wrap carriers offer you the safest way to transport your fragile loads. This is particularly true if your cargo is irregularly shape, and cannot safely be stacked. Blanket and pad wrapping can conform to the shape of the item and keep it safe from movement during transit.

Trust Your Cargo to an Experienced Pad & Blanket Wrap Shipping Company

With over 60 years experience in shipping goods across North America and internationally, ATS can handle any type of cargo. We have been involved in van transport for over 25 years, where our general shipping experience has proved invaluable to our clients. Our dry van shipping service is extremely popular, and those who use ATS once tend to stay with us.

Because of our wide breadth of experience in providing shipping services of many kinds, our clients know that they can turn to us if they have projects with irregular routes, difficult or awkward loads to ship, or cargos that must be delivered urgently.

We have the range of vans, trucks and trailers needed to carry any load, no matter how large or how small, and the logistics and tracking to ship them anywhere worldwide on time – and you can check yourself where they are on their journey at any time you wish.

ATS Fleet Replacement Service

If you have a growing business, you might find that your own fleet is now becoming too small or diverting too much manpower. In such a case, our fleet replacement service might be of interest to you. No matter how you wish to organize your shipping services, we at ATS have the facilities to back you up as your business grows.

If you find that you require the particular benefits and protection offered by blanket / pad shipping for the first time, then we can provide the optimal form of van transportation for you in multiple shipments.

If you are interested in finding more about any of these services, need more detail on how we would handle blanket freight with your sensitive cargo, or wish to arrange a service for your cargo, you can contact us here:

ATS Vans Sales at 1-800-MEET-ATS
Email us at