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Van Trucking Company: ATS Vans

Van Trucking Company: ATS Vans

A good van trucking company should be able to offer you the type of van most suited to your cargo. However, there is more than just the nature of the cargo to consider because the loading and unloading facilities available are also very important.

Your choice of van trucking company must be able to meet all your needs – not just some of them! ATS Vans offers you a range of van trucking services suitable for all loads and handling facilities. While most freight in the USA involves dry van trucking, Anderson Trucking Service Inc., also offers a variety of specialty van services to meet the needs of your cargo.

Blanket/Pad Van Trucking

Our blanket and pad wrap service offers extra protection for sensitive, uncrated cargo. Examples include furniture, large delicate electronic items, medical equipment, gym equipment and glass fixtures for stores or exhibitions. Fundamentally the same thing, pad or blanket wrap equipped vans are fitted with large quilted pads or blankets to keep such items safe and secure during loading, transit and unloading. Our air-ride vans provide the smooth ride that keeps your delicate loads safe.

ATS Crane Van Service

Our crane van service was introduced because we found many clients either had no loading dock themselves or the destination had no dock and required van to ground unloading. This is not always easy, and ATS crane vans are fitted with internal cranes that extend out when loading and unloading. They can be used to lift heavy and awkward items to and from ground level.

A Van Trucking Company With Over 1,100 Vans

ATS Vans serve customers all over the USA and Canada. We specialize in serving projects with multiple stops and irregular routes, offering full truckload (T/L) and OTR (over-the-road) van trucking services using our dry van, pad/blanket wrap and crane van rigs. We have over 1,100 air-ride vans and pad wrap trailers available to collect and deliver your freight throughout North America and the rest of the world if needed.

ATS crane vans provide interior dimensions of 100″ high x 90″ wide and 53 feet long. They can load and unload any weight of cargo up to 8,000 lbs, and have become very popular for deliveries to new plants and construction sites with no dock.

If you are seeking a van trucking company with the flexibility and capacity to handle any load, contact us – we’ll be the only call you need to make. Our reputation and integrity are impeccable, and we thrive on repeat business worldwide.