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Which Van Service Do I Need

Which Van Service Do I Need?

Dry Van, Pad Wrap Van or Crane Van

With ATS’ versatile van fleet you can choose a dry van, a pad or blanket wrap van, a temperature controlled van for sensitive equipment or a crane van which is fitted with a gantry crane to handle heavy or awkward loads. Unless you are acquainted with the terminology, you might find it difficult to specify the type of van you need to transport your goods.

Here is a brief explanation of each, and how it can benefit you by being aware of what we at ATS can offer to best protect your goods irrespective of whether they are heavy iron piping, degradable items requiring refrigeration, or sensitive equipment that has to be wrapped in blankets or protected by pads during transit.

That in itself explains the basic differences between the forms of protection needed by the various types of cargo that we collect and deliver over short and long distances on a daily basis. To help you choose which of these is best for you, here are additional details on the difference between each of the above trucking options.

The term ‘van’ is used for our rectangular box-shaped semi-trailers that have the same rectangular appearance. When you order a vehicle from ATS, we would normally ask you what type of truck or van you required. For normal palletized or boxed dry goods it would be a dry van, but if your cargo had any special properties, such as irregular dimensions or the need for refrigeration, then we would likely recommend one of the following.

Dry Vans Trailers

Dry vans are just as they sound, large rectangular semi-trailers that you see driving our roads every day 53′ long and about 110″ interior height. If you have a regular load to deliver from point A to B, then you would normally use a regular dry van.

They may all look the same on the outside, but the difference lies in the equipment they might hold to help secure your load.

Reefers: Refrigerated Vans

Our temperature controlled reefers, or refrigerated vans, can be used to transport goods such as electronics, medical items and other cargo that requires temperature control during transit. Pharmaceutical, tobacco products and many chemicals must be transported within specific temperature ranges. The ATS reefers contain modern cryogenic systems that are able to achieve this.

Pad and Blanket Wrap Vans

Irregularly shaped items may be difficult to crate up safely. An answer to this is to wrap them in blankets or pads to protect such goods from damage during transit. Electronic equipment, retail store furniture and fixtures, fine arts and ceramics, and fitness equipment are often presented loose, rather than being crated or boxed. Our pad vans are fitted to handle such items with the best protection that our blankets and pads can provide.

Crane Vans

If your cargo is particularly heavy (8,000 lbs), of irregular shape, or cannot be set on pallets for easy handling, then we can offer crane vans to load and unload them. ATS crane vans can load from ground to ground without the need of fork lift trucks, from and to boxes and handle heavy loads safely.

They offer a means of material handling that enables your employees to avoid the issues that can arise with the manual handling of such awkward and heavy loads. Our crane vans are fitted with gantry cranes that extend out into your unloading areas, and unload without the need for a dock.

Dry Van, Pad Wrap Van or Crane Van: Summary

To put it in a nutshell, we at ATS can handle any load and any destination. If you have no unloading dock, or your customer has no loading dock, then “No Dock – No Problem” is our principle. Crane vans can unload to industrial, commercial and domestic premises without a dock and without a problem.

So, what serves you best: ordinary dry van, cool refrigerated or reefer van, protective blanket or pad van, or one of our versatile crane vans? We offer them all at short notice, and if you are unsure, you are in good company. Just give us a call, and we can help you make the right choice for your load.