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International Shipping Services

International Shipping Services

If your company needs international shipping services, there are many factors that you should consider. The type of freight that you need transported may limit the international shipping companies with which you can work. You may also want to work with an experienced provider of international shipping services because you have tricky problems to address.

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At ATS Maritime, we provide our clients with flexible international shipping services. As a NVOCC, our international shipping services can be used with different carriers, letting us choose the most reliable and efficient transportation partner with whom to work on your behalf. We can pick up your cargo from your facility and will have it on our trailers or in our containers until we deliver it to its destination.

Comprehensive International Shipping Services

As global logistics consultants, we can help you navigate the waters of international shipping. Based on when your shipment needs to arrive, we can select the carrier with the best rates. With our third-party logistics management services, you can rest assured that your international shipment will reach your destination when it is needed.

Whether you are making a single international shipment or need to arrange for recurring shipments, you can take advantage of our services. With our experience, you’ll find that shipping internationally is as easy is domestically. To learn more about our global transportation services, visit us online, or call us at (866) 854-2747 to speak with one of our representatives.