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Intermodal Rail Transportation Service

Intermodal Rail Transportation Service

Intermodal rail is a potentially cost-effective means of transport, particularly of container transport for the transportation of multiple items using multiple forms of transport. However, any form of intermodal transportation is going to be cost effective, of which intermodal rail is one of the most common. ATS Logistics Services can call on a network of over 30,000 carriers to assist in your rail, road and air transport requirements.

It can take a lot of time to properly schedule intermodal rail shipments if you have a number of carriers involved. By having ATS Logistics Services handle such shipments, you can avoid this and deal with only one single firm. ATS will take on full responsibility for each mode of transport used in your supply chain, including scheduling and we will provide the technology required for integrating highway, railroad and air freight, and also ocean-going shipment where appropriate. Our international organization can integrate worldwide sea freight into your supply chain where needed.

Visibility and Tracking with ATS Logistics Services

Our reporting system, along with our freight bill auditing and online load tracking will significantly improve the visibility of your Intermodal rail supply chain. The progress of each transportation mode will be continually updated to enable you to view its progress and adherence to any delivery targets.

Overall railroad transportation costs can be reduced by means of consolidation of shipments and invoices, load planning, cross docking, merge in transit and claims management, and we can also negotiate the best rates for your shipment. By avoiding continual break-up of your load between transport modes, intermodal rail can save you money and is also safer for particularly sensitive cargos.

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