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LTL Freight Services

LTL Freight Services

Get an ATS Quick Quote for your LTL Freight

LTL Freight Services: Get an ATS Quick Quote for Your LTL Load

Our LTL freight services enable you to move less-than-truckload freight efficiently and economically.  Not only do you avoid paying for unused truck space, but our LTL freight services also save you time with urgent small shipments. This service is available throughout North America and also internationally.

Country-Wide LTL Freight Service

Anderson Trucking Service Inc. operates a country-wide transportation network enabling us to deliver your LTL load to anywhere in North America, including direct shipping to Hawaii and Puerto Rico. We have access to just about any form of road, rail and sea transport and intermodal transportation is an ATS specialty.

We can select the most appropriate form of transportation for your needs, keeping your costs down and speeding up the entire process from initial quote to final delivery. In addition to a wide range of trailers and containers, ATS operates a team devoted exclusively to van transportation We can provide pad wrap, dry vans and even crane vans where the destination facility has no dock or where van to ground unloading is required.

Benefits of Less-Than-Truckload Transportation

* Cost:  The main benefit of LTL transportation is cost. It is significantly less expensive to use an LTL service than only partially fill a truck. By sharing a full truck with a number of other shippers you save money. There is little wasted space because the carrier will make an effort to use up all available space in a truck. The more space used, the lower the cost for your proportion of the load.

* Ease of Use:  LTL transportation is easy to set up.  Simply contact ATS and we will do the rest. We will choose the best type of vehicle for your load, provide the most appropriate loading and unloading equipment and will deliver your load to its final destination, including non-commercial destinations.

* Tracking:  ATS utilizes modern logistics management systems, and provides simple tracking systems to enable you to keep track of your load at all times. Your deliver can be expedited if time is critical.

Why use ATS?

Anderson Trucking Service Inc operates over 40 trailer yards and depots throughout North America, and we have vehicles of every size and type at your disposal. Not only can we rapidly select the most suitable type of truck or van for your load, but we are a large company and can rapidly fit your load in with others to reduce your costs to a minimum. Smaller transportation companies do not have our flexibility the flexibility that keeps your costs down and speeds up the delivery of your LTL load.
For the same reasons, ATS can provide services that other less than truckload carriers may not be able to offer. These include residential deliveries, truck to ground unloading, inside delivery and intermodal breakbulk services.


What Next?

Simply go to our LTL Quick Quote page, fill in the form with details of your load, and pick-up and delivery destinations and we will do the rest. Take advantage of our 60 years trucking experience and start cutting your LTL costs now. Click on now and ATS will give you an immediate quote for your LTL freight needs.