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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management Services

Supply chain management is a very important function of any company involved in the import, export and supply of products by any form of transport. It makes no difference if you are responsible for the collection and delivery of a cargo from New York to New Orleans or from Sacramento to Singapore: you must be sure that your load is collected and delivered to its final destination on time.

You should not have to concern yourself with the logistics of achieving this. You should not have to select the correct type of truck or trailer, the loading and unloading issues or the forms of transportation required: road, rail, air or sea. You want to be able to lift the phone, state the nature of the load, and when it can be collected and the date by or even on which it must be delivered to its final destination.

That is what supply chain management is all about, and is where ATS excel. Supply chains and the effective and efficient management of every part of that chain, is just one of the many strengths of Anderson Trucking Service, and why we are the best in North America at what we do.

We have been doing this for over 22 years, and our larger transportation business has been carrying loads for over 55 years. So don’t worry about our ability to collect and deliver your cargo on time! All you have to worry about is having the load ready for us when you say you will. ATS will look after the rest, and you can confidently wait for that call or email that tells you that your load has arrived safely on time – anywhere in the world.

Why Use ATS Logistics Services for Your Supply Chain Management?

There are many reasons why choosing ATS Logistics for your supply chain management needs is a good decision. Apart from our long and wide-ranging experience, you get a network of professional carriers for whom no destination is too far or too difficult to access.

ATS Logistics can assemble and manage all the resources needed to handle and deliver your load safely, no matter how large or delicate. We can handle loads from massive wind turbines and earth moving equipment to delicate medical and scientific instruments. Each part of the supply chain is micromanaged through our centralized customer service center to ensure maximum carrier performance.

ATS Transport Management Services can reduce your freight costs, offer comprehensive reporting, consolidate your invoices as you wish them, and provide outbound and inbound routing services that enable you to track your load throughout the supply chain.

ATS Logistics Services will manage all necessary supply chain services, such as cross docking, merge in transit and shipment consolidation. Other services, such as packaging, rigging required for loading and unloading, warehousing needs, and import and export services and documentation are all included in our comprehensive logistics package.

In the event of any specialist needs, we have access to over 30,000 contracted carriers that between them can handle any transportation requirement. That’s one significant benefit of the experience and respect that ATS has in the haulage community. We can offer the most reliable and comprehensive haulage and supply chain management service in the whole of North America.

If you require more details or information on the ATS Logistics Supply Chain Management services, then:

Call us at – 800.873.5905
Fax us at – 320.255.7480
E-mail us at –

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