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Carrier Pay

Carrier Pay

If you’re an independent owner operator who is concerned about the carrier pay problems that plague independent trucking companies, then check out ATS Logistics Services. We can help you find truck loads that are suited to your vehicle while paying you within three to five days after the job is finished.

Carriers receive Quick Pay From ATS Logistics Services

At ATS Logistics Services, we know how important it is to pay our independent carriers on time. Once we have received a signed bill of lading, we process and mail your carrier pay within three to five days.

We don’t believe in gimmicks, hold-backs or any other types of delays.

We have brokered loads to match your truck and trailer configuration, we provide plenty of technical support, and we pay promptly. It’s that simple. With ATS you “Grab a Load and Go!

If you need money even quicker, you can check out our Quick Pay service. To qualify for this carrier pay program, do the following:

● Turn in all carrier compliance documents such as I-9s, contact information and contracts
● Complete at least three loads with ATS Logistics Services
● Turn in your BOL, invoices and paperwork on time

Again, it’s that simple to get paid quickly at ATS Logistics Services. We find truck loads, we broker loads, we pay.

If you would like to find out more about our Quick Pay and joining our network of over 40,000 independent carriers:
Call us at – 800.338.0497
Fax us at – 320.255.7480
E-Mail us at –

Learn More About becoming an ATS Logistics Approved Carrier