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Railroad Transportation

Railroad Transportation

Railroad transportation can be considerably faster that road haulage in certain cases. Sure, it is not nearly as convenient, and does not deliver your cargo directly from A to B but it does have its benefits. Here at ATS Logistics Services, Inc. we can make sure that you make the most of your rail transport needs with respect to both cost and efficiency.

Some businesses regard railroad transportation as belonging to another age, but it can be used to increase the efficiency of your distribution service. When you apply modern technology to rail transportation you will not only make it a more attractive option, but also a more cost-effective method of transport depending on the nature of your cargo and the pick-up and delivery locations.

ATS Cost-Effective Transportation Solutions

When you have a load to be delivered we will use our network of carriers to establish the best mode of transportation for your cargo. We can call upon over 80,000 individual carriers to ensure that you are provided with the most cost-effective solution. We can use road, rail, air and sea to figure out the best route for your load, taking cost and deadlines into consideration.

We will make sure that your load reaches its destination on time at the lowest cost to you. That may involve a combination of road, rail and even ocean-going transportation according to your final destination. The nature of your load will be a significant factor of course; most international heavy loads must be shipped by sea rather than air.

However, in many cases railroad transportation is the fastest and most economical way of transporting your goods overland. ATS Logistics Services offer a wide range of logistics solutions, and where railroad transportation is the most cost effective, then we will use it.

Once you pass your load onto us, it is our duty to deliver it by the contracted date, sometimes even exactly on that date if it cannot be received earlier. We also assume the duty ourselves to do so at the lowest possible cost to you. In many cases, rail transport is the cheapest option due to increased speeds through heavily populated areas where road transport speed is limited.

Use ATS Logistics Services for your Railroad Transportation Needs

ATS uses an advanced online satellite tracking system, which you can use to find where your load is at any time. Our advanced reporting systems inform you of cost analysis and carrier performance, so that you can compare our commitment with our performance. We have nothing to hide which is one reason for ATS being polled as the best heavy haul firm in the country.

However, we don’t stop there. We also provide a range of railroad transportation management options to all our clients. For your company, this would include freight auditing and payment, merge in transit and consolidated shipments. Rate negotiations and claims management are all simplified for you should you need them, and similarly with crane and rigging needs.

Though all this might seem complicated to some, you have just the one point of contact for all of them, thus simplifying things for your company. At ATS, we have always found that the simplest way is normally the most cost effective way to do things. Whether that is railroad transportation or road is immaterial. Complication leads to increased costs, and ATS avoids complication.

If you would like more information on railroad transportation at ATS Logistics Services:

Call us at 800.873.5905, or E-mail us at or fill out our Request an Analysis form for a free review of your company’s logistics needs.