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LTL Freight Quotes and Shipping Costs

LTL Freight Quotes and Shipping Costs

LTL freight quotes vary between different shipping companies. While it might seem to be attractive simply to accept the lowest quote, make sure you know what you are accepting! While many factors affect LTL freight quotes: cargo weight, class, pick-up/delivery destination and any special services required (such as documentation, port permits, etc) it is also important to assess the size, reliability and experience of the transportation company itself.

The Transportation Firm is Important, Not Just the Price

A transportation firm that has formed partnerships with other carriers and owner-operators will likely be able to deliver faster than a smaller company with fewer vehicles and other clients to fill these vehicles. ATS has forged many partnerships, and has a wide range of vehicle types available. Using the correct type of van, trailer or truck for your cargo is just as important as getting it there on time. You also want it there safely, and equipped to be able to safely unload the cargo at its final destination.

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Here at ATS, we can collect your load anywhere in North America and deliver safely on time to anywhere else in North America, Hawaii and even the Caribbean. We can offer a door-to-door LTL shipping service and our LTL freight quotes will be constructed to meet your needs at as low a price as possible. Our mission is not only to meet your shipping needs safely and on time, but also to do so at the lowest cost to you.

ATS Partnerships and Reliability

We have a pedigree in LTL shipping that is second to none, born from over 60 years in the trucking industry and the respect we have gained from our clients and our partners.  Our partnerships enable us to quickly find the right vehicle for the job in your locality, and also the other loads needed to fill that vehicle, thus enabling us to quote you the lowest possible price.

We have experience in customs and the regulation paperwork, and a modern logistics operation that can provide you with real-time information on the progress of your order and location of your cargo. One of the costs involved in LTL freight quotes is the fuel surcharge: the additional cost added for the fuel used during the delivery. This can change day to day, but due to the scale of ATS operations, we are able to keep that cost to a minimum, reducing the cost to you even further.

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Click the above link for your Free LTL Freight Quote, or call us at, 1-888-728-2703.