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LTL Shipping

LTL Shipping

Overseas and Cross-Border LTL shipping Solutions

LTL shipping is a relatively inexpensive way of shipping loads that are too small to completely fill a truck or container. The ATS LTL shipping service offers you an economical way of shipping small cargos anywhere in mainland USA, Canada and also to Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

It can be expensive if you have insufficient cargo to fill a trailer or container, because you still pay for the full cargo load whether you have it or not. ATS (Anderson Trucking Service Inc) offers an economical way of doing this with its LTL shipping service. Although LTL shipping is cheaper in general than paying for a full trailer, our clients use our service for four major reasons:

1. The ATS Pedigree

ATS has been in the trucking business for over 60 years, and has one of the largest company-owned fleets of vans, trucks, tractors and trailers in the USA. Not only that, but we also have an association with many owner-drivers who we can call on when required. ATS operates over 40 trailer yards and depots in North America and can ship any load of any size to anywhere in the world.

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2. Scope of Operation

We carry out LTL shipping all over North America, including Canada and Alaska, and also ship small loads to Puerto Rico and Hawaii. We can offer a range of vehicles including crane vans which are useful for ground to van loading and van to ground unloading. No dock? No problem! ATS can handle it. We also provide all the equipment needed for awkward loads, irrespective of size, and will look after all customs and other documentation needed if your cargo has to travel outside mainland USA.

3. Low LTL Shipping Costs and High Speed Delivery

Because of our experience in the business, our large fleet and our network of owner-operators, ATS can rapidly choose the most suitable vehicle for your LTL load. Because of the size of our company, we can then fill that vehicle with other loads to reduce your costs. The quicker and more efficiently we fill our vehicles and trailers, the lower the transportation cost to each customer and the faster the delivery time. We can also select the nearest ATS depot to your locality, thus speeding up collection and keeping costs even lower.

4. Peace of Mind

Our modern logistics systems promote a high degree of efficiency, and also allow you real-time tracking 24/7. You will always know where your load is. Because our trailers are fully loaded to reduce costs, there is also less chance of breakages or damage to your cargo. ATS has an excellent record in this respect.

If you have a need for LTL shipping, either within mainland USA or Hawaii, then get a quick quote here:

For any other need, call us at 1-800-MEET-ATS