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Air Freight

Air Freight Shipping Services With ATS

When FAST DELIVERY is essential!

When your cargo must get there fast air freight shipping is by far the quickest solution. It might not be the most cost effective mode of transportation, but it is the quickest! However, even here you want the best value for money you can get, and that’s what ATS gives you the best air freight shipping solution for the price you pay.

ATS van truck offloads to a waiting DHL plane for international air freight to Europe
ATS International Services can collect shipments from any city in the U.S. and offers a door-to-door air freight shipping service worldwide. We also offer a door-to-airport service to airports all over the world. The size of your shipment is irrelevant to ATS: we can handle any size of cargo, very small or very large. Call us today for a quote or for more information.

●  Do you have a time sensitive domestic or international shipment that cannot be late? We are specialists in that field!

●  Does your shipment require special attention of any kind? ATS can handle it!

●  Does your international shipment involve special or difficult documentation? We are experts with this!

●  Is your shipment oversize or particularly heavy? We have the specialized equipment needed to handle it!

●  Do you want to avoid dealing with two or more different companies to handle your road and air transport? ATS will handle it all for you, door-to-door if you require it!

ATS Can Handle Any Weight or Size

The obvious downside of using air freight is its high cost. If you want to get the best international air freight service for your money, contact us at ATS Maritime. We have specialized in global transportation for many years, and we make international shipping as easy as domestic shipping.

The weight or physical size of your shipment is not an issue with us. ATS has the trucking capacity to handle any size or weight of cargo, and we can work with all major air carriers to find the aircraft most suitable for your load. If your load can be carried by air, our air freight shipping service will find the most appropriate aircraft for you.

We also have the specialized lifting or handling equipment for any type of cargo, whether large wind turbines or delicate medical equipment. Difficult documentation is a specialty, and we will also look after the customs release for you.

Sometimes language can be an issue and you may have to employ an agent at the destination airport to arrange ongoing transport. We deal with all that, and we have bilingual team members to take care of any language problem. We can also integrate sea freight services if these are a necessary part of your supply chain logistics.

In fact, here at ATS, we can handle your entire project from your premises to those of your overseas clients. You will also have access to our modern online tracking systems that track your load in real time. ATS air freight shipping services do not just stop with the air freight. We can look after the entire supply chain if you want us to.

Contact us here for further information:

Domestic Air freight: Call us at – 800.338.0497 – or Email us at

International Air freight: Call us at – 866.854.2747 – or Email us at