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International Shipping Laws and Requirements

International Shipping Laws and Requirements

International shipping laws requirements vary from country to country, as do the international shipping requirements for each destination. If you ship abroad, then it is important that you understand the import regulations and the documentation required for each country involved. If you do not properly meet the requirements of the shipping laws of the country to which export, then you may have your cargo tied up in customs indefinitely, or it might even be unable to be unloaded.

Your clients will not be forgiving if your delay in unloading their shipment negatively affects their own project. All businesses shipping overseas must be aware of international shipping laws and the customs practices of the receiving ports. This is particularly the case if you are shipping to more than one country.

ATS Maritime understands International Shipping Laws, so you can ship with confidence!

ATS Deals with Import/Export Documentation

Not only will ATS Maritime provide you with the most appropriate type of transport for your cargo, but we are also familiar with the shipping laws in countries all over the world. We can also help you with the paperwork involved in shipping overseas. Your company will likely find itself involved with a range of import and export documentation, including customs, which can vary according to the size and weight of your cargo as well as its source and destination. Irrespective of where your cargo is heading, we can deal with necessary documentation for you. We can tailor our shipping services to meet the requirements of your final destination whether that is Chile, China or Croatia.

By using ATS Maritime services, you can work with your international partners, expand your overseas operations and accept shipments to anywhere worldwide in the knowledge that we will handle your overseas freight with all the professionalism of an international transportation company. You can do what you do best, and we look after the transport from your door to your client’s door, on time at excellent rates.

Decades of International Shipping Experience

We have over 30 years experience in international shipping, and bring all of this to your project along with a solid knowledge of international shipping laws worldwide. We also offer have the ability to complete all the paperwork needed to collect your freight from anywhere in the world and deliver it to your client’s premises again, anywhere in the world. If you want a cargo collected in Germany to deliver to Japan, we can do that, and you can track it on line the whole way from collection to delivery.

To place an order or just to get more information about international shipping laws for the country you are exporting to, visit us online, or call (866) 854-2747 to discuss your query with one of our highly trained agents. We make international shipping as easy for you as local shipping.