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International Shipping Quotes & Overseas Shipping Rates

International Shipping Quotes ATS Maritime Overseas Shipping Rates

International shipping quotes can vary considerably across shipping companies. Do not make the mistake of just accepting the lowest overseas shipping rates, because there is a lot more to international shipping than just price. There is also experience, reliability and partnerships.

Keeping international shipping rates as low as possible is an important aspect of managing your supply chain. Shipping rates can be high, particularly where overseas shipping is concerned, and this is where ATS Maritime can help. If you want to cut your shipping costs, then ATS can offer you flexible shipping quotes that will meet all your needs at the lowest cost to yourself.

Our parent company, Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) can collect your cargo anywhere in North America, then pass it onto ATS Maritime for shipment anywhere in the world using air or sea transport, whichever is the more appropriate. We offer door-to-door, door-to-airport, and door-to-port services, depending on the transportation method that you choose. Here are some of the factors that enable ATS Maritime to offer attractive overseas shipping rates without sacrificing quality:

International Shipping Experience

Experienced shipping companies know the ropes and the tricks, and ATS can offer you an experienced shipping service that will not be caught out by arcane or even new laws, because we are experienced in exporting to countries worldwide. We can deal with customs declarations and other paperwork and you can relax and focus on your business.

Shipping Reliability

ATS has more than 60 years experience in trucking and shipping, and our reliability has been proven many times over. Had we not been reliable we would not have reached the level of being one of the top truckers and shippers in the USA.

Shipping Partnerships

In order to offer comprehensive low-cost international shipping rates for door to door or port to port if you prefer it, you need a good network of partners. ATS has contacts with airlines and shipping companies all over the world, and can negotiate the best price for your cargo no matter where it is collected and where it is to be delivered.

ATS International can offer:

●  Multiple sea freight carriers, comparing quotes so we can choose the correct one to meet your needs.

●  Air freight services if speed is more important then we can choose the most
economical for your load.

●  Combine road, rail, sea and air transportation to get your cargo from your door to your destination in the
fastest or most affordable way.

●  Offer more than 60 years of transportation experience to get you the lowest international shipping quotes from
the carrier most suitable for your load.

●  High quality service.

For more information on our international shipping rates, check out our global transportation website or call (866) 854-2747 today.