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Oversize Shipping to Puerto Rico

Oversize shipping to Puerto Rico is a specialist operation. Here at ATS Maritime, the international shipping division of Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. (ATS), we have over 20 years experience in shipping to Puerto Rico including heavy and oversize loads. The dimensions of your load are not a problem to us.

We are versatile enough to handle any load you can throw at us. Whether it is a massive wind tower blade or a power station generator, we can handle it and deliver it to your site in Puerto Rico. We will not avoid any job, and if you have difficulty elsewhere, then we will handle it for you. If you need a flatbed truck of up to 115 ft then we can provide it.

Oversize Shipping Services

If your load is oversized then we can handle it. It makes no difference to ATS if you are involved in the oil, construction or aerospace industries – we can carry what you need us to carry, and we can do it safely and on time, whether it is to Argentina, Alaska or Puerto Rico. Shipping is not a problem to us because we have the transport options for road and ocean travel.

It makes no difference whether you are transporting 130 ft wind turbine blades or high tonnage items requiring 24 axle trucks with variable deck length. ATS can get it to Puerto Rico for you exactly when you want it to be there. Here’s why.

When it comes to handling difficult oversize loads for shipment by land or sea, we have almost 60 years experience, more that 20 of these years relating to maritime haulage. Our equipment is state of the art, and we help you to reach new customers on time, every time, so that you can develop new markets in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean in general.

ATS Door to Door Shipping Service

It’s not just the trucks, trailers and oversize haulage equipment that we can provide, but we also arrange and oversee the entire process of door to door collection and delivery. You can relax and leave it all to ATS. Your oversized cargo is handled safely, using modern handling equipment designed for bulky and heavy loads, and we also look after the documentation for you.

Our shipping services to Puerto Rico include everything needed for us to collect, ship and deliver, with the minimum involvement by you. If you want the nearest possible option to a turnkey door to door shipping service, then that is what you get with ATS.

Specialized Shipping to Puerto Rico

If you are looking for any form of specialized shipping to Puerto Rico, then you need look no further. We fully appreciate the problems involved and can offer a solution for each for them. Once your load gets loaded aboard ship, it will be classified as ‘break bulk’ meaning that it cannot be loaded in a container and must be handled individually.

We can deal with all the paperwork needed for this category of load, and help keep your shipping costs for this type of oversize cargo to a minimum. We can help you with this, irrespective of whether your load is a single piece of cargo or multiple items. Many exporters, or even carriers that use ATS as a third party for overseas shipping, are unsure of the details involved in oversize cargo. This is where we excel, and where we can display our experience with such loads.

Among the many activities involved in oversize shipping to Puerto Rico, we offer the following help:

You can pick and choose from our many services, which include:

●  All transportation using the most suitable style and size of trucks and trailers.
●  Door to door transport – Mainland to Puerto Rican destination without transfer.
●  Marine insurance, mainland clearances, customs, taxes, fees, etc.
●  Full handling service, packing, crating, rigging and crane services at each terminal location.
●  Tracking of shipment 24/7.
●  Full crane and rigging services at our terminal locations

ATS Maritime NVOCC Status

We have NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier) status. This means that our strong relationships with maritime carriers enable us to select the most appropriate vessels and supply chain operators for your load. This not only enables us to offer the best prices, but also a high degree of safety and security for your load – frequently higher than would be possible otherwise.

We are able to charter those vessels that are most suitable to handle items of oversize shipping, and to use the most appropriate loading and unloading facilities for your items. NVOCC status is an important and very useful benefit that is almost essential for large, heavy and awkward oversize shipping loads.