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Pilot Car Services

Pilot Car Services

Wondering why you need pilot car service? Having a pilot car, also called an escort car, can be crucial for certain heavy haul transportation projects. Pilot car service helps to ensure that your oversized load reaches its destination not only on time, but also safely and intact. An pilot car also helps to ensure that the driver of an oversized load doesn’t accidentally violate traffic laws while moving your load or cause an accident.

Pilot Car Service Helps With Heavy Hauls

At ATS Specialized, our drivers are trained and experienced with moving heavy loads securely. They know how to provide on-time heavy haul transportation for challenging loads. However, an oversized load can be dangerous to transport without a pilot car service and in some states a traffic violation. For this reason, each state has specific laws concerning when an escort car is required. For example, most states specify the length, height and width at which a heavy haul carrier needs a pilot car service.