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ATS Projects

It’s quite an effort to move a massive structure around a continent or across an ocean and to do it on time, many times a day but what’s even more impressive is the coordination that goes into getting hundreds of loads to a single location in the right sequence.

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Take, for example, a wind farm in Alaska or Hawaii . It’s going to take thousands of components, hundreds of shipments, months of planning, and us. ATS Projects not only has the infrastructure and experience to manage these types of long-term projects, we have a one-point-of-contact consultant for every customer. Someone to help you see what’s possible, in other words, and to keep things shipping smoothly from start to finish.

Planning & Project Management

Building something like an oil refinery doesn’t happen overnight. And when you’re wondering how to sequence components and equipment coming from every corner of the globe, you need a partner with planning skills that border on obsessive.

Fortunately, we offer 60+ years experience getting project cargo, regardless of size to:

  • exactly the right place
  • at exactly the right time
  • in exactly the right order

If there’s a question and you’ll have a few; these projects take awhile you’ve got one guy to go to for every answer.



Thousands of trucks and trailers in a company-owned fleet. Hundreds of drivers, dispatchers and project managers who’ve all done this before. The logistics expertise to bring it all together. And the global reach and financial resources to go anywhere.

ATS has everything you need to transport the materials and haul in the heavy equipment for your long-term project.

Types of Freight

  • Construction and Agricultural Equipment
  • Cranes
  • Energy Components
  • Oil and Gas Production Modules
  • Wind Turbines, Towers, Blades and All Other Components
  • Mining Equipment
  • Chillers and Rotors
  • Pressure and Ethanol Vessels
  • Boilers
  • Storage Tanks
  • Virtually Anything We Can Get on a Trailer

See if we can move it.