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ATS Projects Value Proposition

Our ATS Projects Value Proposition enables you to leverage our team of industry professionals to streamline the various phases of large or complex projects. Our expert team will take care of every element of pre-planning, project execution, and value-added details. To get started, contact our Projects team today by calling 1 800 MEET ATS.


1. Project Pre-Planning:

        • • Route and Site Studies
        • • Port Studies
        • • Technical Analysis
          • Transport Feasibility Studies
        • • Lay-down yards and crane offload and reload assist

2. Project Execution (Key Roles):

          • • Project Manager—ATS in-house lead for project coordination.
          • • Site Manager—Reports to the Project Manager and key stakeholders on overall coordination of the project. Involved in plan-of-the-day meetings and coordination of material to the project site.
          • • In house support—All necessary support systems to execute the project for on-time, on-budget project deliveries. This includes all necessary permit departments, escorts safety, and technical staff.
            • Assistant Project Manager—Reports to the Project Manager and is in charge of tracking and tracing of trucks and providing key metrics to key stake holders through distribution list.

3. Value Proposition:

          • • Asset based-tractors, trailers, and personnel.
      •          (a) Ability to provide fluid capacity adjustment support to the project.
          • (b)Largest and most modern fleet of wind equipment in North America.
          • • Experience gained from working directly with all major manufactures, developers, and EPC groups.
          • • Proven Track Record of Success:
      •         (a) Parent company financially stability.
      •         (b) Over 60 years of industry knowledge and products-best practices.
          • (c) Ability to bring project transport in on-time and on-budget.
          • • Metrics and Score-carding:
      •     (a) Tracking and tracing of equipment and deliveries.
            (b) Consistently high scores on customer quality service on projects.
      •     (c) 98% on time delivery rating.