Reduce the risk of damaging your freight that just won’t fit in a box.

Pad Wrap TruckingChoose Blanket Wrap Shipping to Safely Transport Your Out-of-the-Box Freight

Your non-crated and non-palletized freight may not fit into a protected box, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be protected. Reduce the risk of damage with pad/blanket wrap shipping solutions. Increase your odds of safe shipping by using a blanket wrap shipping company with a variety of trailers. Anderson Trucking Service’s (ATS) air ride shipping options — including side door and standard dry van trailers — provide several ways to safely load and unload whatever type of freight you need to be moved.

  • Ramp trailers to load and unload at any type of facility — docked or non-docked
  • Two-foot E-Track system to prevent shifting during transport
  • Shoring beams for safe stacking of fragile freight
  • Straps to secure your non-crated freight
  • Experienced Drivers who specialize in pad/blanket wrap shipping

Pad Wrap Trucking Goes Beyond Protecting Your Freight

Making sure your freight is safe is important, but protection is just one part of the process. With Anderson Trucking Service (ATS), it means delivering high-level service from start to finish.

  • On-time delivery 98 percent of the time or better to meet your deadlines
  • Drop-trailer service for equipment on-site when you need it — for a few hours or a few days
  • White glove service offerings
  • Crew delivery options for your large or time-sensitive moves

Is ATS' Blanket Wrap Shipping Right for You?

Get on-time delivery that fits into your schedule and drop trailer service to access and move your freight on your time. When you’re ready to experience a different level of service and reliability, look to ATS’ pad/blanket wrap shipping solutions.
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