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    Shipping to Alaska

    Practical Solutions When You Need Shipping to Alaska

    oversize load on rough terrain

    You have freight that needs to ship to Alaska, but you don’t know the best way to get it there. We get it. You have options. But which one is the best for you? Let us handle it for you. You just tell us where it needs to go.

    Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) has thousands of company-owned trailers that can handle freight shipping to Alaska. We also have an international shipping team that can find the right vessel for your cargo, including no-transfer options that keeps your cargo on one of our trailers from pickup through final delivery. That means we can help you find the cheapest way to ship to Alaska. All you have to do is call.

    Many Ways to Save

    By land or sea, ATS has the shipping solution you need to get your freight to Alaska in the most affordable way possible. When you’re ready to have a shipping partner that’s looking out for your bottom line, look no further than ATS.

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