ATS FreightMatch April 2024 Update


April 2024 Update

Anderson Trucking Service is committed to helping your company grow by offering loads that are easy to book and pay you well. Since we released ATS FreightMatch in 2023, we have made two significant updates. The first introduced changes to how you use the app depending on whether you’re a company administrator or a truck driver. The second put negotiating power in your hands, allowing your company to submit offers on all bookable loads in the app, and ensuring you earn top dollar for every mile.

Along the way, we’ve also made improvements to ATS FreightMatch’s search functionality and introduced document scanning to make your business more efficient in the app.

This April, ATS FreightMatch is getting its biggest update yet. 

Our development roadmap is driven by the feedback from people who use the app every day. These insights help us prioritize what’s next and ensure the changes we make will improve your experience with ATS FreightMatch. 

Here are the six major improvements you can expect in late April:

  • Map Based Searching
  • Suggested Loads
  • Saved Searches
  • Recent Searches
  • Reloads
  • Two-Factor Authentication

Map Based Searching

Nobody knows every city in every state. That’s why it’s difficult to visualize where a load is picking up and delivering to by looking at city and state names, addresses, and zip codes. In April, you’ll have the option to search for freight using a map. Similar to other apps (Zillow comes to mind), simply input your filter/search criteria and view your options on a movable map. 

The new movable map search feature in ATS FreightMatch

Suggested Loads

ATS FreightMatch was created to make your life easier. In April, we’ll be rolling out “Suggested Loads” a feature that will do just that. With this update, you’ll receive suggestions based on your favorite searches your load history.

Use this feature to plan out your truck(s) and book the best shipments for you, faster.The new Suggested Loads feature in ATS FreightMatch

Saved Searches

If you’re a driver (and/or trucking company) that runs the same lanes, using the same equipment, consistently, saved searches is for you. 

Simply set your filter criteria (ex: Origin, Distance from Origin, Trailer Type, Total Pay, Length of Haul, Load Size, Load Weight, etc.) and save it for later. That way you don’t have to go through these motions the next time you want a load. Starting in April, you can save as many searches as you want under the “Favorites” tab.

The search screen in ATS FreightMatch featuring the new Suggested, Favorites and Recent search tabs.

Recent Searches

See what you were recently searching for, even if you don’t “save” your search in the app before leaving. This will make it easier to go back and see the loads you previously viewed if you leave the app before booking it. Use this to become more efficient in securing the right load at the right time. The app will display your five most recent searches. 


Planning out your truck(s) as far in advance as possible helps you make the most of your Hours of Service. That said, it can sometimes be difficult to book a reload, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area you’re in. With the April update, ATS FreightMatch will suggest reloads near you that match your typical criteria. Use this feature to string loads together so you can keep you truck(s) moving and money flowing in.

The new Reloads feature in ATS FreightMatch

Two-Factor Authentication

Finally, ATS FreightMatch will be incorporating two-factor authentication with its April update. This is an extra precaution, protecting your company against fraud (which is rampant in the trucking industry right now) and identity theft. When the app updates in April, you will be required to set up two factor authentication. This will be an email from Microsoft with a unique code to type into the app. 

This process will repeat every 30 days and every time you sign into the app after physically logging out of it (by clicking “sign out”).

Become a More Profitable ATS FreightMatch User

A lot is coming to ATS FreightMatch in 2024, including map-based searching, suggested loads, saved searches, recent searches, reloads, and two factor authentication. We’re rolling out these features — as we did with rate negotiation, in-app document scanning, and admin/driver roles — to help you become a more profitable, efficient carrier. 

When the update goes live near the end of April, you’ll need to update your app when prompted. Please let me and my team know if you have any questions.

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Brady Winkels

Written by Brady Winkels

Brady started his career with ATS as an operations intern at ATS Logistics in 2017. Soon after, Brady transitioned into the role of regional carrier representative, where he primarily focused on ATS Logistics' crane and heavy haul freight moves, overseeing them to and from locations spanning the U.S. Following four successful years, Brady moved into the role of vans operations manager at ATS Logistics where he ran a team of regional carrier representatives who specialize in moving dry van freight. Today, Brady is the ATS FreighMatch operations manager, a role that allows him to lean into his passion for helping people (both internally and externally) reach their full potential. In fact, ATS' people, values and strong family culture are what Brady enjoys most about working here and he's always excited to lend support to those who need it.