ATS FreightMatch Update: What You Can Expect

After nearly 70 years in the transportation realm, we couldn’t be more proud to occupy this vital industry. The work you do every day is really important, you shouldn’t need to question where your next load is coming from, where it’ll take you or whether you’ll be paid fairly. 

That’s why we’re committed to making the ATS FreightMatch app your ally on the road. This app should always be a dependable tool that’s easy to use and makes your job easier. As your business grows and the transportation marketplace shifts (as it always does), your needs change. ATS FreightMatch promises to evolve right alongside you. 

In pursuit of this, ATS FreightMatch will undergo regular product updates. Each of these updates is designed to adapt ATS FreightMatch’s functionality to the needs of a diverse pool of carriers by adding features to make your experience more streamlined and efficient. 

On the week of August 21, a new version of ATS FreightMatch will be released to app stores. You will need to update your application at that time. This update won’t significantly affect how you experience ATS FreightMatch and won’t disrupt your current workflow. That said, there are some new in-app capabilities you should know about before the release.

What’s New?!

The updated iteration of ATS FreightMatch features one significant change: Profiles can now be created with one of two unique permission sets or “roles.” You can either use ATS FreightMatch as a “Driver” or as an “Administrator.”

Some functionality within the ATS FreightMatch app changes based on a user’s role. 

Here’s what each role means. . . 

The ATS FreightMatch Driver Role

The ATS FreightMatch driver role will look a lot like the current in-app experience where drivers can book their own freight and view their historical load details (up to six months out). Drivers have access to the Flatbed Resources page and Learning Center and can search, compare and find loads on their own. None of this is changing. Those with a "Driver" account will experience some data restrictions, allowing them to only see the loads they've hauled and not their company's entire history.

The ATS FreightMatch Administrator Role

The ATS FrieghtMatch administrator role is the new addition, allowing company leaders to act as an administrator over their drivers. This functionality makes it possible for administrators to manage multiple drivers from the ATS FreightMatch application. This will help improve your operational efficiency by allowing you to manage documentation, search and book loads and quickly assign them to each ATS FreightMatch registered driver in your company. 

Here are the exclusive capabilities of the administrator role:

  • The ability to book loads for themselves (if they drive), and their drivers
  • The ability to delete/add other admins and drivers from/to their ATS FreightMatch account
  • The ability to submit and manage progress updates on behalf of their drivers
  • The ability to quickly and easily assign drivers (from a list) to the loads their company books 
  • The ability to view historical data from all loads their company has booked and delivered through the ATS FreightMatch app.


What’s Next for ATS FreightMatch? 

This update is designed to make your experience with ATS FreightMatch as seamless as possible —  particularly as your company grows. Together, the “Driver” and “Administrator” permission sets create a more well-rounded experience for companies of all sizes, ensuring each user receives the functionality they need and nothing they don’t. 

No action is required on your part other than updating the app. 

Improvements to ATS FreightMatch won’t end here. Our team is currently hard at work developing in-app document scanning for your convenience. Stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, if you have any questions prior to, or following, the August update, don’t hesitate to contact ATS FreightMatch Support.


Written by ATS

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