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Available Loads

Available Loads

Loads Available for ATS Contracted Carriers

If you own and run your own truck, you will know that it’s not always easy to find a consistent and reliable source of available loads. ATS Logistics can help, irrespective of your specialty. Whether you are seeking flatbed, heavy haul, van, pad wrap reefer heavy haul or any other form of specialized loads, ATS Logistics Services has a large numbers of available loads suitable for many different types of truck and trailer. Get set up as a approved carrier today

When you visit the ATS Available Load List web page you will see that we have a large number of loads available. ATS Logistics is one of the largest transportation management companies in North America, and as such we can find you loads for any type of driver and all types of vehicle. Whether you have room for LTL freight or a complete truckload TL, you are practically certain to find a suitable available load in our brokeredloads list.

Fast Payment Guaranteed

If you are concerned about payment and the time it may take for you receive your checks, don’t worry. Unlike many other large companies, ATS Logistics Services sends out carrier pay in around 3-5 days after we receive your paperwork. You will have no worries about any gimmicks or hold-backs regarding payment. If you need your money right away, we can offer a ‘Quick Pay’ service if you have carried at least three loads for us in the past.

ATS Available Load List is available!

Our available load list provides all the information you need, including the type of truck or van required, special tarp requirements and also any relevant payment details. Once you are set up as a Approved Contracted Carrier, simply call the number provided and book the load and go. Our load board is available to you at any time whether you are using a PC, Apple or Android device.

If you have just started up your own trucking business, or have a van or truck and need a load, then click over to our available loads page and register with us. We can keep you busy if that’s what you want.

For more information about taking advantage of our Available Loads:
Call us at – 800.338.0497
Fax us at – 320.255.7480
E-Mail us at –

Click Here for our Available Load List