Heroes Welcome

You worked hard to learn your skills in the military – you don’t need to learn them again. Let us help you adapt your skills to the civilian marketplace by becoming a valuable part of Anderson Trucking Service, Inc (ATS).

Transportation professionals are in high demand and we value your military experience and training. If you are currently a member of the Armed Forces, soon to be or recently discharged, give ATS a call and let us show you what we mean by heroes welcome.

The People

Behind the trucks and the technology, there are always the people of ATS. Our employees are the real reason ATS is such a spectacular operation. We attract – and keep – the best! We work hard to make ATS a place that talented people want to be. Anderson Trucking Service, Inc., employs the very best transportation professionals in the world today, whether drivers, office people or mechanics. You want to talk about competitive advantage? Our success always points back to the people of ATS.

ATS can be the career you are looking for. If you are interested in applying for any of our non-driving positions, you can apply online now.

Member of military draping American flag over left shoulder

From Service to Success: How Your Veteran Background Fits The Transportation Industry

While many don’t realize it, veterans transitioning from military service have skills and abilities that are highly applicable in the transportation sector. Put your skills and experience to use in the transportation industry!