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As your company continues to evolve, your logistics services needs evolve with it. Is your trucking logistics provider able to adapt to the always-changing market and your needs? Gain access to tens of thousands of trusted carriers across North America — and a team dedicated to meeting your demands, big or small — with ATS Logistics.

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Whether or not you've worked with a freight brokerage before, you probably have a few questions. In the video below, we'll answer these questions to give you a better understanding of what's truly important to consider when selecting your brokerage.

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Gain a better understanding of how freight brokerages work and what you can expect when shipping your freight with a brokerage. Visit our Learning Hub to read the latest insights from our freight brokerage experts.


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Whether you’re a carrier or a shipper, you want to align with a freight brokerage you can trust. You need someone with the industry reputation, resources and relationships to get the job done the right way — no matter the circumstances. More importantly, in an industry with tight deadlines and the potential for inclement weather, equipment failure or other unforeseen circumstances, you need a truck broker that will stand by you if something happens.

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Find the consistency and predictability you’re looking for — and what many shippers have come to expect — with ATS Logistics. Get the quality service and the longevity you deserve in a freight brokerage partner. Since 1989, when we say we’ll do something for you, we’ll do it.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognizes ATS Logistics Services, Inc. as a Registered SmartWay® Transport Partner — Partnership Date: 09/15/2020; SmartWay ID: 55643312; Expires: 09/16/2021
ATS Logistics Services, Inc., is a full-service transportation brokerage and subsidiary of Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. See our terms and conditions

Is ATS Logistics the Right Freight Brokerage for You?

If you don’t want to worry about whether your logistics provider will be around tomorrow, partnering with ATS Logistics can put your mind at ease. We’ll be here tomorrow and far into the future — keeping your freight moving safely and on time.
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Do You Have Questions About Freight Brokerages?
We've Got Answers.

Choosing the right transportation partner to trust with your freight is a big decision. We want you to be confident about your choice to work with a freight brokerage. To help you choose the partner that is the best fit for you and your unique needs, here are a few of the most commonly asked questions we get about freight brokerages.

How Does a Freight Brokerage Make Money?

How do freight brokers truly make money? Do they up-charge you? What do they bring to the table? Get a behind-the-scenes look at where the money goes.

What Are the Biggest Problems with Brokerages?

What are the most common problems faced by customers working with a freight brokerage? Learn about the top 5 problems a freight brokerage can present and how they can be solved.

Why Do Freight Brokers Fall Through?

How can you prioritize accountability in your broker network? What can you do when a broker falls through? Learn some steps you can take to promote broker accountability.

What Does a Freight Brokerage Do?

Finding a shipping partner in the trucking world can be confusing and frustrating. It doesn’t have to be. Learn what a freight brokerage is and what it does.

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