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Become a more consistent project manager with reliable project logistics solutions.

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Put Your Mind at Ease With Comprehensive Project Logistics Services

There's a lot of work that goes into planning a successful project. From finding the right personnel for boots-on-the-ground support to coordinating the project logistics — and everything in between — you have a lot on your plate. And one little slip-up can throw off your entire schedule — even if that mistake came from your project logistics provider.

It's stressful just to think about it.


Do it right the first time by partnering with Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) from the design phase of your project — providing analysis and input — all the way to final delivery. Count on in-house teams to take the time to handle your important project management aspects, such as:

  • Route and site planning
  • Permitting
  • Technical services
    • In-person consultations to solidify communication
    • On-site route analysis and planning to see routes firsthand — every turn and every mile is thoroughly assessed
    • Transport configuration recommendations based on past experiences
    • Transport configuration drawings to ensure properly secured freight
    • Computer-aided design (CAD) and swept-path analysis for comprehensive planning and safer execution
    • Route improvement recommendations to ensure smooth sailing
Cranes and semi trucks working on wind component site

Logistics Project Management Services for Projects of Any Size

Have you ever sought out project management services from a project logistics provider just to be told it's "not big enough"? Just because it's not big enough for that particular project management provider doesn't mean it's not big in your eyes.

Are you just left to fend for yourself?

Comprehensive project management doesn’t have to be exclusive to massive projects. Our services are available for any load whose timing needs to be meticulously orchestrated, whether you’re moving a couple of loads or dozens.

Don’t know how many you need? Just send us your packing list of what needs to be moved and we’ll take it from there. Common logistics project management services include:

  • Merge-in-transit options to optimize shipment pickup and delivery
  • Coordination with rigging companies for smooth loading and offloading
  • Product staging in one of a dozen warehouses to replenish as needed
  • Quick permit turn times to keep projects moving
  • Utilization of pilot car services only when needed for cost-effective solutions

Rest Assured Knowing Your Project is in Good Hands

When you’re ready to begin your next project, big or small, count on ATS to take care of all your transportation needs — everything from initial planning to coordinating your JIT delivery.
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